Saturday, February 16, 2019

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Discovery Science on television: Subject 'EVIL.' Not much into seriousness but a program hosted by Morgan Freeman on evil was compelling viewing. It dragged me away from watching V8 racing. Would have floored me had I not already been lying on it. Neuro-scientists indicated that a simple brain scan can show up an 'abnormality' which can ascertain whether a certain part of a person's brain will trigger a pathological killer episode, or turn someone into one.

FREEMAN INTRO: "We all have an 'animal' inside us. Evil exists in all of... Read More

For those of you who aren’t watching the Masterpiece Classic British drama series “Downton Abbey” you really should as it’s worth the entire buzz it’s getting. I just tuned in last week knowing this series had actually started back in January of 2011 as part of a Masterpiece Classic anthology.

In the beginning, I downloaded only the first two episodes as I was unable to sleep one night. To my surprise, after I took the time to watch them, I had no alternative but to download the rest of Seasons I, II and III! Talk about not being able to sleep! It got worse; the next nights that... Read More

Many people tune into ESPN wanting to watch sports and sports commentary. What they instead get with “First Take” is a racially motivated program that puts into question the ethics behind everyone involved in the show. “First Take” has gradually made more topics around race with Stephen A. Smith being the catalyst behind these discussions. Many times race will be inserted into a discussion to the point it is questionable journalism. Case in point being the very recent guest of Gabby Douglas who is an American of African descent who recently won a gold medal in London. Instead of speaking about... Read More

Larry Hagman who became a global icon playing the TV villain J.R. Ewing in the hit series "Dallas" died late Friday evening at Medical City Dallas Hospital. He was 81 years old. In June 2011, Hagman was diagnosed with stage 2 throat cancer. "People who smoke or use tobacco are at risk of developing throat cancer", a PubMed Health expert said in 2011. "Excessive alcohol use also increases risk. Most cancers of the throat develop in adults older than 50," he continued. In 1995 Hagman admitted he had been a heavy drinker, and a heavy smoker as a young man, after he underwent a life-saving liver... Read More

The Port Angeles High School is just $16,000 away from making a student-friendly TV station. Lisa Hitt, the instructor of vocational technical school and broadcast, said that the district has all the technology resources it needs to let the CCTV go on air. She said the TV station would broadcast school games, and student-documented TV shows and programming. The only thing that separates the school from programming the DVR is the $16,000. Hitt said that the school is undertaking fund raising programs to get the cost as soon as possible. Sponsors who lend their support for the project can broadcast... Read More

I don't know if any of you happen to catch David Letterman's show Thursday night on CBS when Justin Bieber was a guest on the show as it was pretty entertaining. Letterman had his night with him as the Bieber publicly received a quick and witty history lesson that went over his head and he didn't even realize it till later.

Letterman seemed annoyed with the Canadian 18 year old and seemed testy and started nagging him about his new tattoo which said "Believe" on his left inner forearm.

Letterman said "Tell me that's the last tattoo, …really it is …honestly, how does that help... Read More

Dawson’s death was announced by son Gary Dawson when he posted the following Facebook message this morning:

“It is with a very heavy heart that I inform you that my father passed away this evening from complications due to esophageal cancer. He was surrounded by his family. He was an amazing talent, a loving husband, a great dad, and a doting grandfather. He will be missed but always remembered…”

Richard Dawson was the host of Family Feud from 1976-1985. He then hosted the show again from 1994-1995. In the middle of the final show received a standing ovation from the... Read More

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