Sunday, February 17, 2019

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The next logical step is making it even cheaper and getting more from new deals. The good news is that the system is constantly upgrading, with the new content and capabilities right at your fingertips for the same price. In addition, the providers have sweetened the deal by including broadband Internet services into the bundle. Being an IPTV subscriber was never so promising.

Not Without a Reason

Their customer support page is readily available with the constant info feed on the current events and happenings, so their subscribers can stay up to date with the latest changes. Aside... Read More

When people talk about getting your brand “out there” it is easy to think that TV is the way to do it. TV Commercials are extremely difficult to judge when it comes to their success but if there is one thing they’re good at, it’s getting your brand in front of people.

Over the years there have been some massive brands who have created some memorable commercials including the likes of Coca Cola, Cadburys and Lynx. One thing all of these companies have in common is they have all created an advert that people remember.

For example, Cadbury’s created arguably one of the most memorable... Read More

There has been massive buzz about the new hit show “Empire” and with fourteen million people watching, it is certainly having an effect. It seems you can’t engage in any social media without happening upon a post or tweet about the latest episode. People are watching and talking about it, but what kinds of discussions are they having? Maybe a more important question is what kind of discussions should we be having? If you are a regular reader of this blog, then you know what kind of discussion we are about to engage in.

Ratings don’t lie…”Empire” is a hit. The show is heralded as being... Read More


Cashed my torn $20. Yum. Made myself a toasted cheese sandwich. Settled down to watch the fact- stranger- than- fiction news.

Where the obscenity of outrage gets into bed with blatant crass. Politician uses health funds of which he is privy to,to gain a healthy erection via a brothel workout. Sort of like ordinary gymnastics with a personal trainer on tug...sorry, tap.

Gets caught. Stiff for the second time? Faces jail term. Avoids jail, receives $25,000 fine. Plus i guess the cost of his shifty lawyer. Has the temerity to rock up to court to ask the judge... Read More


I worked on this confounded reno today with a blunt chisel. You can miss with it and it would do 'no harm.' Must be a Doctor's chisel...sworn to do no harm. "Stuff it!" said i to myself. Went down, bought a couple of razor sharp chisels.

The old blunt chisel, rusting,indignant,neglected, lay nearby with a smirk on its corroded blade, as if to say "you'll be bloody sorry." I slipped with the new and nearly off with the old...finger. Exaggerating, it was just a reasonably deep cut,nothing a transfusion couldn't stem and bulk up with a quart of red.... Read More

There is a TV show about pretty much everything these days. For the reality obsessed, there are countless shows on CBS, Discovery and TLC that detail weird addictions, extreme survival challenges and mining for gold in Alaska. For the drama obsessed, there are medical dramas, crime dramas, romantic comedies, period shows and more.

But for the sports obsessed, there are a handful of good shows that are worthy of attention. From reality to fiction to satire, here are five shows that sports fans are watching.

1. Friday Night Lights, NBC (2006-2011)

This small town drama follows... Read More

Last minute excuses were made in a bid to pull out of it, and ultimately avoid the drag of the few hours that would undoubtedly occur.

Now, we're not saying that company dinners have all of a sudden come the must-attend event that everyone in the street is attempting to get a ticket for, but there's no doubt that they are much more entertaining and dare we say it, fun.

A lot of companies now don't hesitate in pulling out all of the stops with one of the most common methods being to source an A-list celebrity to climb on stage and charm the audience for the next forty minutes.

... Read More

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