Thursday, February 21, 2019

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If you aspire to one day master the Great Highland bagpipe, you’ll need to begin by learning the practice chanter inside and out. Virtually every skilled bagpiper you’ll come across spent countless hours with his or her practice chanter before trying their hand at the Great Highland bagpipe. Even after moving onto the bagpipe, some musicians continue to revisit the practice chanter on a regular basis. Although high-end practice chanters aren’t exorbitantly expensive, they aren’t exactly cheap, either. As such, a practice chanter should be viewed as an investment and cared for accordingly. Aspiring... Read More

When you’re new to the world of music, you don’t want to lay down thousands of dollars on an instrument only to find out that you don’t like the guitar or the piano or the violin. Most of us, when we’re first starting out on our musical journey, we begin by playing a used instrument. You’re no different. Maybe it was your great-uncle’s classical guitar or it was a cheap keyboard that you found on a classified ad. Whatever it was and however you got it, it did the job. Now that you’ve had several months of practice under your belt, however, these modest instruments are no longer up to snuff.... Read More

Watching them perform, your heart fills up with warmth and happiness. Their songs are full of incredible sincerity and you can feel the harmony in every bit.

Despite being surrounded by fans Dean Vivirito and Lexie Helgerson were willing to answer few questions.

Katia Rekho: What inspired you to write that song?

Who Can Sleep: It was a Saturday last November. We’d been in the house all day and decided to walk down to Glendale Boulevard (our main street in Atwater Village). Dean’s always looking at the sky, and loves to tell me about aliens. Walking back home an hour later,... Read More

Popular culture was responsible for timeless music that people enjoy even after several decades. When we remember that bygone era of popular music, we instantly recall those impressive musical band logos also. Those band logos conveyed something unique about the group of musicians. People associated the logos with the new music trend building up at that time.

In fact, rock band logos of that golden era of music display a wide variety of designs. Some of them contained detailed images that depicted the mood of the era. Other logos depended on specialized typography to convey a message... Read More

It's Latin Grammy® season. The world is waiting for the big announcement regarding the nominees, performers and parties, but there's more important news. Music fans everywhere can make this the year that they attend this spectacular award show. You don't have to win a sweepstakes or eat insects in some sadistic reality show-style contest. You can buy tickets on line with passes to the green carpet and the posh post-show party. Everyone's invited, except Donald Trump. Someone should lock him in his golden bathroom, so that the rest of the world can have a good time celebrating Latin music.

... Read More

The Chopin room at the Polish American Museum is an exhibit of which director Gerald Kochan is particularly proud. As a Polish American, Kochan realizes how important it is to educate others about Poland's rich heritage. What better way to begin than by celebrating the life of Frederic Chopin, Poland's great composer?

Born to Compose

Chopin's father Nicholas was French. After Nicholas immigrated to Poland and found work as a bookkeeper, he met Justyna Krzyanowska and the two married. Frederic was born Fryderyk Francziszek Szopen March 1, 1810, although some scholars believe his... Read More

Myth: It will be perfect if I plan well in advance.

Truth: Nothing man made is ever perfect. Yes, you can strive for perfection but don’t sweat the small stuff so much that you miss out on the important part- enjoying your own wedding! Plan it all out in detail if you wish to and make sure you hire reliable contractors and vendors; this will ensure that you get the best services available.

Myth: I will have to invite every distant relative to the wedding because it is a onetime celebration.

Truth: Not really. This is YOUR wedding and you have the power to plan and schedule... Read More

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