Wednesday, February 20, 2019

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Hollywood-Cloudy skies greeted me as I awoke on the morning of February 22nd, 2007. This did not put a damper on my plans to attend the special news conference to hear the line-up for the 29th Annual Playboy Jazz Festival.

Invited musicians, media (print, radio, internet and T.V) and music industry representatives were amongst the V.I.P. guest in attendance at the Playboy Mansion for the press conference.

The Hamilton High School Academy of Music directed by Dan Taguchi entertained the crowd with a set of straight-ahead jazz.

Darlene Chan-Associate Producer, Playboy Jazz... Read More

By V

It's 9:30pm on Friday, February 2nd, and I am outside the legendary, Los Angeles music venue "The Troubadour," waiting to see the somewhat obscure, Canadian, singer/ songwriter, Ron Sexsmith.

Opened in 1957, The Troubadour has a rich, contemporary musical history, helping to launch such greats (earlier in their careers), as Tom Waits, Elton John and James Taylor. A music lover's venue, this legendary site is a medium-sized, intimate space for those who wish to truly listen to music and enjoy a performance that seems as though it is just for them. It is an uncharacteristically warm night... Read More

Slight and scruffy he took to the stage and blew away the audience with the power that came from his voice, his guitar and his presence on stage. From his first song that had every woman in the palm of his hand to some familiar Buchanan songs, Temptress, True Love, and All hell Breaks Loose to the beautiful and bluesy Need For Sex from his solo cd, the crowd was his. The audience enjoyed his banter which was both sexy and witty. He set the tone and upbeat feeling and energy for the rest of the evening and did what every performer wants to do, he left the audience wanting more.... Read More

I watched "Some Kind of Monster" recently, the documentary about what used to be Metallica bringing a Cosby sweater wearing therapist into the studio and only working 4 hours a day on a pile of shit they call a new album with a snare drum that sounds like a stick hitting a metal folding chair... you know the one. And upon some reflection, and after getting over the fact that I actually sat through 3 hours of James Hetfield crying like a little bitch, I've come to a conclusion. No band should be together for longer than ten or eleven years. That's it, that's the cut-off, you're not allowed... Read More

By Kim

It was a brisk night as I made my way inside the festive Hotel. Francisco Aquabella was on the Biltmore Hotel's "Havana Nights; New Year's Eve Extravaganza." That last word is an understatement to the humble, exhilarating, mind-blowing approach to the percussionist's brilliance. With each song suited for dancing as well as conscientious listening. One could easily get lost in the jubilation of the evening. Francisco's soulful and passionate pulse presented the woodwind soloist with praise but Francisco was legendary throughout the night with mellow, vibrant, complex beats sailing melodically... Read More

Being signed by a major label is not the prize card it used to be for many struggling musicians and indie artists. It's no longer the Yellow Brick Road that leads to the Land of Oz where your dreams come true so to speak. Conventional radio airplay, standard brick and mortar distribution and being signed by a major record label are no longer the only means of getting your music noticed. Because of the massive appeal of digital distribution and the easy and fast access to the Internet available now to most people, unknown musical talent now has a real chance at real success. Additionally... Read More

By V

I am sitting in a dark backyard in Venice on a warm autumn night, my hands turned unnaturally up, so as not to get the remnants of my first ever crawfish boil on my clothes. Someone from the Brian Jonestown Massacre has just finished spinning some tunes and I am licking my fingers and watching as a fellow arranges a motley collection of wooden crates, hub caps, number plates and other debris in what can only be described as a sort of drum kit. This, as it turns out, is seriously infectious, hip shaking, swamp stomping, local electro-punk band, "Restaurant." I am standing on the corner of... Read More

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