Friday, February 15, 2019

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For the better part of the last few years the popularity of sliming undergarments for women has grown to a staggering level. The fundamental reason why this has been the case is largely based on the effectiveness such garments have played in making women look slimmer. However, in order for slimming undergarments to work for you there are some dos and don’ts that should always be taken into account.

The Dos:

Be reasonable with size – slimming undergarments are wonderful as far as looking slim is concerned yet it is always advisable to pick an underwear that is realistically within... Read More

The reason why women are often associated to the hobby of shopping is because over the years, the market has opened up and welcomed more women customers than men. Not only is this caused by the amount of women overall that is deemed to be more than men, but the truth is, women require more than men. They are a creature of beauty and it is therefore a natural consequence that one would preserve beauty both from outside and within. The following are ways to keep your women happy, as a true gentleman.

Dress to impress

What is meant by dressing to impress is to appreciate your lady... Read More

The online fashion store Queenie Australia has waived the shipping charges for orders above AU$199 for bridesmaid dresses Australia and is also offering free custom size and color service. If the customer wants to pick any color that is beyond the range of colors on display, the company will accept it free of cost. Custom sizes can also be catered by the company without any charges.

Talking on the latest promotional scheme, a company insider points out, “To respect the customers’ faith in our products and services, we always try to provide some extra benefits to our customers.... Read More

Globalization has triggered a cultural revolution which has left behind an impact on the traditional wear of India. Traditional Indian wear for women, like the sari and salwar kameez are been cast away in favor of jeans, shorts, skirts and tops. Is this influence corroding India’s rich cultural heritage and traditional values to a larger extent?

Ethnic wear – decline

It has been noted in the last decade that the sari has disappeared as work attire among the modern generation of Indian female office goers. Once worn by women every day, the sari is now perceived as apparel for... Read More

Simaaya the brainchild of brother duo- Rachit and Mayank Agarwal is stimulating the fashion senses of the luxury conscious. Since its inception in 2005, Simaaya has hit like a storm and revolutionized the luxury fashion retail business. The strong balance of prêt and couture developed over a period of time, in tandem with great merchandising, lean retailing, unique assortment of established and emerging designers and excellent customer relationship management has helped grow the Simaaya brand equity.

Every trend is a mirror of what society needs out of design. This season, there is a... Read More

Individuality is the ability to express one’s true and unique nature. Fashion can help in expressing people’s true personality and character. The fashion trends in the market will be greatly determined by age, social class and different environmental conditions. With your style in clothing people can easily predict which social class you belong to and style of living. Confidence is really important to express your personality. In light of this, you will not follow the existing fashion trends in the market blindly.Fashion should give people an idea of who you are. In addition to this it should... Read More

The online fashion store QueenieAustralia is now offering 10% discount on formal dresses Australia. This offer is available for a limited period and will further lower prices of the already affordable range of dresses.

A representative of the company says, “We offer exquisite styles at affordable price and can cater to any kind of customers to suit their tastes. Irrespective of the kind of figure or size, we have an answer for all, from formal dresses to bridesmaid dresses; our huge range will be irresistible for the customer. We can also help customers to define their own fashion... Read More

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