Saturday, February 23, 2019

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As a man, it is relatively easy, if you already have a very expressive face to find the Lüthi look and get his perfect glasses. Especially with a man with intense eyes, the search is not really difficult, because he already brings the best conditions. These eyes that a man has can be so penetrating and insistent that you can hardly resist it.

A look is usually enough and you feel completely lost as a woman. Even if you have not intended, you get into the situation that the eyes have burned in and you are unable to think of anything other than these eyes, this man. If these... Read More

Lüthi Optik knows how to find the right pair of glasses for every man. You have to be guided by the circumstances and also have a sense of what a face is, for which you have to find the right pair of glasses. Suppose you have a man in front of you, middle-aged, black hair, intense eyes. You should not make the mistake of hiding these eyes with a spectacle frame, because it is just these eyes that will be remembered. Especially if the man is not already twenty, you should make sure that the frame is larger, so that the eyes are particularly well visible.

This inevitably leads... Read More

Kurt Muff watches knows that in recent decades a significant change has taken place.While it used to be common practice in the past to stop the woman's hand and possibly even ask her father for permission, today it is much more unconventional because even today women do not shy away from their husband's husband To confess life to love by wanting to spend life with it and to seal the bond with marriage. For this occasion, of course, engagement rings Lucerne need, not any, since it should indeed be more subtle in a man than in the woman.

And even then you are not sure if the man... Read More

This season more than ever, trendy ladies fashion has responded to global shifts in culture and society. Whether they were masked or blatant, the discussions that have been taking place in every household and public sphere over the past year have found themselves represented in the Spring/Summer 2019 collections. Feminism took center stage, showing that fashion is an appropriate vector for displaying your opinion and point of view. Trends this season celebrated individuality and self-expression of style, particularly the female form’s inherent beauty in every shape and incarnation,... Read More

Kurt Muff watches are especially popular with couples who have chosen to marry. Because, like every young couple, the question arises first of all about the right jewelery, because before the wedding there is always the moment where you first have to ask the all-important question before you even think about the altar.

Because only if this question is answered with yes, the planning can begin and follow all further steps. That's why Lucerne engagement rings are so incredibly important, because you do not want to take a risk on this important question, that perhaps a no would... Read More

In Indian culture, bangles hold a special position as it signifies the long life and well-being of husband. In many states in the country, it is mandatory for the newly-wed women to wear particular coloured bangles along with gold ones. Gold bangle, in itself, signifies good fortune and prosperity and hence is worn across cultures. It is thus important for a woman to own a pair of gold bangles.

Love for Gold

The Indians are known for their love for gold. For centuries, gold jewellery has been an integral part of their adornment. Though jewellery is mostly worn by... Read More

Girls are very particular about fashion and style irrespective of the season. During the summer season, in India when temperatures are above 40 degree it is very hard to decide what type of clothes one should wear that feel easy and comfortable during the afternoon but at the same time, there is no compromising with style and fashion. Indian traditional wear is one of the most beautiful attires a woman can have in her wardrobe. Especially, Salwar Kameez is such a traditional dress that is generally booked for social occasions. So many women love to wear it on a daily basis in a casual attire... Read More

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