Friday, February 15, 2019

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FP Contemporary celebrates two artists, Hunt Rettig and Stephanie Visser this Saturday, May 13th. Hunt Rettig will be featured in a solo show entitled “I’m Twelve Push-ups Away from the Perfect Body."

"Hunt is a world traveler. One year he packed up and moved his family from Aspen to Chiang Mai, Thailand and immersed his kids in the schools there while he was out building large sculptures out of twigs and leaves in the woods with the locals.”

“When I was twelve I stepped into Jesus Soto's namesake museum in Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela to forever be changed, said Rettig. “His work... Read More

If you are interested in martial art Wing Chun, then you will also know that Wing Chun Dummy is a great training tool for getting the perfection in skills and techniques. But, when it comes to buying one, it's not easy at all.

A wooden Wing Chun Dummy is definitely worth your investment and a reliable source. If you want to buy one, then you should read further to get a reliable and high-quality tool. Here are some of the things you should consider before buying Wing Chun Dummy:-


Price is a huge selection criterion when it comes to buying any product. It isn't tough to... Read More

Study of arts is not limited to only cultural, social and creative aspects. Its benefits in both education and academics sector are often undermined. In a recent study, it can be seen that most schools are either cutting back or completely eliminating the study of arts from their syllabus. They believe that it is an unimportant and unnecessary subject which only adds to the overall budget. Unfortunate as it may be schools and institutions do not realize the number of benefits of Arts Education.

Benefits of Arts Education

Improved Cognition

Immersing students into the... Read More

If you’re considering building something with the use of steel, one of your first questions is probably going to be: “Can I even build this with steel?” Let’s do a little test. What do you think of when you think of a metal or steel building?

Did you first think about a warehouse? Maybe a garage or shed? Yeah, that’s what many people out there think of when they think of steel buildings. But there’s so much more than can be built beyond just those buildings.

While those are commonly constructed steel buildings, there are many more potential structures to be built with metal. Steel... Read More

Do you want to give your print design an extra edge to stand out from the competition? Print finishes are a great way to add impact to your design, improve its durability, make your brand look prestigious and give an overall professional look to your printed materials.

What Are Print Finishes?

“Print finishes” refer to all the processes performed on printed material after it has come off the printing press, and they include processes such as trimming, cutting, and binding. However, there are also decorative processes that can be applied to your printed design and these are the... Read More

On December 3rd, Beyond the Gallery presents its “December Group Art Exhibit” and its 3rd exhibition at Beyond the Lines Gallery. Gallery owner Brittany Davis had been producing pop up group art shows for the past two years, however, now she is glad to have a new home at Bergamot Station. “I love the great artist community at Bergamot Station. All the galleries bring such a wide variety of artists work together. Old masters to new emerging artists today. When she first started searching for a gallery space, Davis was open to all areas of LA. But, as she put it, “Santa Monica kept calling to... Read More

I believe that ideally, a good teacher knows how to engage the right and left sides of their brain to present an idea accurately and entertainingly. After all, what else is a teacher than a purposed educator? The creative side and the book-smart side of one’s self must collaborate to properly inform students, so that they may care about what they’re learning as well as retain it. That said, I’ve noticed more and more artists becoming teachers.

Being involved with independent music myself, I can name a few off the top of my head: Alfred Brown IV from Dangers (Writing Professor at University... Read More

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