Saturday, February 23, 2019

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The solus4 design team is the winner of the last international design competition for a marine research center in Bali. The competition addressed the need for tsunami research and preparation for it after the devastation caused by the 2004 earthquake and tsunami in the Indian ocean. The 2500 square meter impressive fluid structure will be situated 150 meters off shore from the Kuta beach. The project features research labs, bedrooms for scientists, a seawater pool, an aquatic garden library and an auditorium that would be located under and over the surface of the sea. The design team... Read More

Boiler systems are very common in temperate climates, and they are there to heat water for everything from heating to washing. The problem is that they are not necessarily that efficient when it comes to using energy, and with most countries around the world looking to bring down their energy usage, it’s quite clear that something needs to be done relatively soon.

It’s already common for newer boiler systems to be a lot more economical than older ones, but they still aren’t the best. Many people have turned to better insulation, which helps reduce the need for boiler use, but there’s... Read More

Rethink Energy by Roberto Bolle is the new advertising campaign created to promote Eni’s culture of energy. Testimonial of this original campaign, the famous international étoile Roberto Bolle is the symbol of culture – especially Italian culture – and social engagement around the world.

It is a representation of what Eni has consistently pursued as a core tenet of its identity: being active in the community, supporting the expression of culture and promoting young talent. The company has shown this through its commitment to research, access to energy, support of culture and imagination... Read More

Heat transfer equipment is heavily relied upon in the petrochemical industry to efficiently transfer heat to and from various components. The heat exchanger is also widely applied in areas such as, air conditioning and cooling, plastic, natural gas, and chemical processing. Because of the nature of the heat intensity involved in the design and operation of heat transfer equipment, important safety concerns should be addressed when designing the appropriate thermal transfer equipment for your business.

The piping schematic of an average thermal transfer product contains a thermal fluid... Read More

What does it mean to be "living off the grid?" This is a term that is used in a wide variety of contexts, from a friend or colleague simply choosing to stay away from Twitter during a particularly distressing news story, to a couple you know choosing to put away their techno gizmos for a romantic evening in the country, to someone you know literally cancelling their cable and cell phone contracts...and then, to your horror, building an outhouse. What makes people want to make choices that might seem extreme to the majority of their peers? What are the pros and cons to choosing to live somewhere... Read More


As an aussie foremost, before Ii admit to (whispers) being a human being and a non- integral part of the quiltwork of mankind's tapestry pertaining to intelligence above the average Norm...assuming the 'Normal' average of intelligence hangs somewhere within the confines of peaceful rationale and argumentive "you dunno vot you iz talkin' about iz vot all you know iz Riginal.

And if zere iz a Godz zen vi did he creates mankind to comz on earth ven zere voz no evil before zat voman AND zat manz shakez ze apple cart and... Read More

It would seem most of us now accept the reality of climate change. In a recent Australian Government-funded research project, some 75% of those surveyed said they believed in climate change. We accept that the authorities have enough evidence to support their claims. But does that make them correct? Some two years ago at the UN's Copenhagen conference on climate change, thousands of poiticians and vested interest groups met to issue a warning, that unless we act now it would be too late :- oceans would rise with devastating consequences. Rather ironically, it was also estimated that the delegates... Read More

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