Saturday, February 16, 2019

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In recent years, the education industry has experienced a digital revitalisation that has breathed new life into its reaches. There is nothing inherently wrong with traditional education methods and models, but that there is the issue. Traditional education is still incredibly effective, of course, but what we have realised more and more during recent years is that traditional education is also a little stale on its own now. While the methods and the models that traditional education boast are still incredibly powerful, the whole world is all about the digital now, and education has had to... Read More

Your resume is the first impression of what you are as a person and plays a big role in your job search. What's more, as everybody realizes initial introduction is the last impression. So having an effective resume to get your dream job is a must.

If you don’t have a compelling resume job seeking will become hectic for you and challenging at the same time. Beyond just a paper sheet, a resume is like a document that resembles your academics, work experience, hobbies and all other related personal details.

If you are loaded with a powerful resume there will be more... Read More

In the 21st century, it is easy to run a Google search to find what positions are in demand at the moment, such as the worrying shortage of doctors in the United States. The US is hardly alone in this regard. There is a dire shortage of physicians globally, cutting across geographies and education systems. Those who are planning to study medicine are unquestionably contemplating at a pretty safe career choice. As life spans and populations grow, the demand for doctors is, if anything, only going to increase in the years to come. Under the circumstance, it is hardly surprising that student... Read More

It's weird modern life, bit like a viking burial at sea, one minute you're on top of the heap, next you're a flamin' hasbeen. In days of yore, cavemen had it simple. Eat, sleep, go clubbing and Bingo, find a partner...or perhaps a partner to play old style Bingo with? The man of the cave brought home the equivalent to the bacon nowadays, for the lady of the cave to cook up a storm or create a smoking one.Yes, there was only perhaps a hibernating bear substituting for a front door to keep the cold out, and if the bear awoke unhinged and hungry...perhaps the propensity to keep the cave family... Read More

A traditional Doctor of Philosophy degree (PhD) is different from a professional doctorate degree. In this article, we’ll tell you what you need to know about the two and show you the differences.

Before we tell you the differences, we’ll explain the two for you. A doctorate refers to the highest degree obtainable in a university. It is the highest degree awarded in a university. A PhD is a kind of doctorate. All holders of doctoral degrees are considered experts in their field and they are allowed to use the title ‘doctor.’

Here are the differences between them.

1.... Read More

Mathematics is an abstract subject and as a result, concepts are rather hard to understand. But maths isn’t an inherently difficult subject. It requires patience and persistence. From a student’s perspective, class 10 maths is a very crucial subject and it is rather easy to score marks. If a student is well-versed with maths or has a grasp for the subject, then scoring maximum marks is a very real possibility. But if you think you need a little push, here are a few tips to ace your class 10 maths exam.


As stated before, mathematics is an abstract subject and therefore, students... Read More

As a student, you probably know what it feels like to be in the middle of assignments and coursework with pressing deadlines. Even as a graduate, you have at a point in time been at the crossroad of dealing with submission deadlines of various assignments at the same time. The overwhelming workload you have in college or university sometimes makes you erroneously think you lacktime management skills.

This academic workload is however not an excuse for you to completely shun interesting movies, games, college parties and other social activities that will make your student life a memorable... Read More

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