Saturday, February 23, 2019

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It starts. There is a probability across the spectrum that smaller singularities exist under the history books beneath shiny office windows.

Myriads of biosensor bots of high solubility and low toxicity amass in arrays of eiganstates across the architecture. They disguise themselves as companions in a friendly competition.

The willingness is there to wait in silent urgency, and then to lead forward into the mist as distant church bells call across tall grass toward a foggy future.

The warning was against fame.

It puts stagnation aside and searches with its own... Read More


Jeremy dreamed of starfish and dolphins, two creatures he’d only seen in vid-films. He dreamed they were talking to him, and telling him to turn around, to go home. But Jeremy told them he was home, and that it was home to everyone and everything. The starfish was not amused. And the dolphin began to speak in an angry voice…


::in sliding:: entry of newness ::bentaroundlight in moving:: elders inform ::{newness}

{strange::not fit::not like::danger{?} ::not:: {NEWSHAPE::NEWSHADOW::CALL ALL INLIGHT::TRANSFOMAL}

::Elder now in:: {sweep liquid greettouch::ovoidial... Read More


Tolsar Pinjidur was born in the forty-sixth year of the voyage of the Argos. Her parents were both scientists, though her father was in stasis when she was old enough to notice that other children aboard had fathers, and hers seemed to be missing. By the time she was ten ship years old, her father had been Awakened, and she’d had a lot of catching up to do. It was during one of her “catching-up” sessions with her father, Pondar, that she first learned about the concept of “homesickness.” Pondar had it bad. He’d started by asking Tolsar’s mother, Shalsen, about her village, back in... Read More


Jeremy Sidwell was born in year fifty-seven, ship time. His parents were both loving, and far too busy with their general and specific duties to attend to every nuance of Jeremy’s upbringing, and so he, as did many of the ship-born like him, was mentored and tutored by the extended ship community. Among them was Imelda Guevarra, the ship’s poet. She would take Jeremy to the observation bubble, or to other parts of the ship where he would be shown elements of life that might otherwise be found only by accident. And in this relationship, Jeremy began to write, first, about what... Read More


Year Sixty-Two began with a flurry of activity aboard Argos. The schedules for Awakening were being finalized in anticipation of their entry into the Epsilon Eridani system. With the births that had occurred during the voyage, this would bring the full colony into readiness at more than six-hundred seventy souls, somewhat less than originally anticipated, but within the parameters determined necessary to rebuild the human species. The problems with Awakened suicides and psychosis appeared resolved, though the Psych team remained alert for any warning signs. They’d built up their... Read More


There was a part of Argos only a few knew, both it’s whereabouts, and what it actually was. It wasn't a secret – it wasn’t even off-limits. It was more that no one had bothered to point it out on any of the maps of their hurtling world. It was located on the outer hull, along the “bottom” of the starship. Seen from outside the vessel, it was little more than a blister. Accessible through the intra-hull access ports, it represented the singular act of whimsy on the part of the builders of Argos. With room for no more than three adults at any one time, this hidden observation lounge,... Read More


“You see, Doc, I wasn’t really all that aware of what was happening when I first was Awakened. For some reason, I thought we’d already found a new planet. This was about three weeks after I woke. I know all the information was otherwise, but there was something – I can’t really put the right words to it – but somehow I felt all the debriefing had been to let me in on the secret slowly, you know, so it wouldn’t be a shock to my system, or something. I guess I thought I was supposed to get the message by reading between the lines, right? So I didn’t really know what I was doing, I... Read More

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Sounds ideal Twinkletoes. :>)


I have always been a dreamer and most likely always will be. I am a wierd combo I think...practical but an idealist at the same time. :)


born crazy inherited Barb. Or near...just used my imagination to transport me away. Costs nothing to dream,but you knew that! You use the same mechanics do you not my friend? Cheers :>)