Sunday, February 17, 2019

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The club was roaring, so too, my mate Jeff. Sort of a none bi- sexual James Dean type. Though that didn't stop the shaved oiled wannabees from wanting to be within kissing distance. Jeff kept the males at arms length...he had long gangly arms.

The crazy writer of erotic was seeing a shrink...problem being he was sexually a nutter. That's what i politely told him through his reflection in the bar table in the corner where he lived camped with his liquor flecked laptop. Alicia S was trying to bring... Read More


My name's Eric,Eric Dribble. I run a mobile animal vet/pet least did til my main attraction, a horny anteater, ran away. They do that when they're horny. Bit like some guys with "ants in their pants."

You all know the type. Another conquest on the anthill of one 'upmanship' or to be more precise, another one woman up conquest.

Enough already, not my business but the ads promoting this type of behavior? Big business!

A wealthy friend came to me. She is drop dead or alive a woman gorgeous who could have any man she so desired. She has her... Read More


WARNING! EXPLICIT REPLICA SEX CONTENT:Okay you silly little inquisitive men, you're an essay mantis preying pon absorbent 'replica' student mindset, or, alternatively you may be a handsome gay upright guy/gal citizen which is your choice in a demo crackit country? Thus i guess you can read on as it's a free country thus far, or at least the government would have us believe that?

I'm not going to argue the pros and cons of sexual preference except to say- whatever. I'm not God but let me reflect on a post i raised a long time back... Read More


Once upon a time,in fact next weekend, i have to vote. Just a state vote. Of course when the 'meaty' lies of the "good ol' boys" are chucked in the sandwich of promises, pon opening? "Surprise!" People then meet in the local supermarkets after they bite down with concern on the paste of a bad thing on their daily bread, unable to work out why they themselves end up the 'meat' in the sandwich of, "bear with us, did we actually promise that?" Ummm...and they hum. "Oh! how very interesting Ralph," i hear you say. I know, BORING! But it gets juicer! Bad to the bone... Read More


"Take the long way round honey...the overpass route, change of scenery." The "honey," though he was an analyst of human emotions of the mind, heart, and a leader in his field...went directly to the region below the belt where "honey" stirs a man's basic, and as always Dr. Feel didn't question the overpowering raw lust he felt for his new wife. She, a graduate of shrinkdom and partner in their plush downtown office with the clever title 'U Babylon'; ran a perfectly manicured static energized knife blade fingertip down the inside of his leg...basically. The 60 year- old... Read More


Emily Hotspank, this, my radio show for newcomers, be warned...WOMEN and women only! But first a commercial.

Girls, do you want to keep bugs out of your underthings? Simple! Don't let the little buggers know where you live!

Today's program is about women who can't make their minds up. Some are so mixed up, be twist, be cream,they can't even make their own breakfast, or indeed, beds up. Girls i would like to be serious about a subject which is so vexing i get a headache thinking about it. Many many of my friends, male, female, the occasional... Read More

I recently read the "Virgin Diaries" on Cosmopolitan and to be honest, they were pretty basic stories of "what an asshole" and "why did it do it". Sometimes i wish i could read something that was more heartfelt and honest, something that grasped my attention for longer than 5 seconds. Something that i would find amusing to read but find ultimately stimulating and making me utter "omgosh!" Lately, nothing has... so I wander off into the internet, doing research and just simply browsing. To my surprise... yet again... the things you find are unbelieble!

I'm sure you have read one of my... Read More

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