Thursday, February 21, 2019

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Some celebrities have seriously done time in jail for real offenses, not just DUI or marijuana possession. Here are six of them.

Mark Wahlberg

The actor/producer and rapper spent 45 days in jail for beating up two Vietnamese men in separate incidents. He was 16 at that time but was tried as an adult and convicted for attempted murder and assault. A confessed racist, he harassed black school children and attacked a neighbor, fracturing his jaw. Wahlberg, who has many TV series and film credits to his name, asked for complete and unconditional pardon from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts... Read More

It is a known fact that the world’s population is growing at an exponential rate, a tendency predicted to continue. Unfortunately, the availability of some of the most critical resources such as healthy food and clean drinking water keeps reducing. Finding solutions to these impending problems should be a priority for everyone.

Boosting agricultural production is sure to curb the possibility of world hunger. Unfortunately, our modern environments feature minimal room for gardening, particularly ground space, due to rapid urbanization. As dire as the agricultural difficulties we face... Read More

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Governments are designed to protect the population of the country. In return, citizens are expected to fulfill certain responsibilities to improve their nation. These responsibilities are commonly known as civic duties.

These duties can be far ranging. Citizens should engage in civic participation daily. This involves following laws and helping your community. However, civic duty isn’t just about being helpful and patriotic. The government legally requires you to do certain duties. You should make sure you’re well-informed about your responsibilities as a citizen.... Read More

When you’re driving a car, it’s all too easy to find yourself getting in a touch of legal trouble. There are seemingly a million potential violations out there. Cops can also occasionally be overzealous in enforcing those rules. It’s important that they’re looking out for the safety of the roads. However, it’s also important you’re not an innocent party caught in the crossfire. So here’s how you need to protect yourself legally on the road.

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Make sure your car is always in top condition

You may very well have experienced being pulled over for... Read More

You’ve more than likely heard a lot about the rising cost of real estate and rents across the world. It’s not just one country where these costs are soaring sky high. Buyers and renters internationally are facing a financial squeeze that’s leading many policy makers to voice their concerns and call for moves to make housing more affordable.

While affordable housing might be a buzz word in the main metropolitan areas around the world, there doesn’t seem to be much happening in the way of actual implementation to make it more accessible for buyers, and in particular, renters to find a... Read More

Pigeons proliferate in urban areas, in large part due to the availability of nesting spaces. Nooks, ledges, and hideaways in the architecture of city buildings provide shelter from harsh weather, and city alleyways and garbage dumpsters provide food in the form of scraps. While many people think of these flocks fondly, going so far as to feed them crumbs in plaza squares, many others think of them as vermin and street pests. The truth is that they are neither — they are simply urban scavengers who have learned and adapted to thrive where humans live. That being said, their droppings are notoriously... Read More

An individual may fall prey to foreign laws if he/she fails to show evidence of his/ her identification. Having it provides security blanket to face off any query of suspicious identity. This is why American social security card and Canada’s social security number are issued. Both serve the similar motive. Likewise, India facilitates Aadhar Card to every individual for proving authentic identity.

What’s the significance of Aadhar Card?

Aadhar Card is an individual’s identification number. It is 12 digits long. Unique Identification Authority of India is the competent authority... Read More

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Improving Pedestrian Safety

Being the ones in the driver's seat of overwhelming metal vehicles moving at rapid and with incredible power, drivers must be continually mindful of their ebb and flow position out and about and component in the activities of all other movement members....

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Improving Pedestrian Safety

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