Wednesday, February 20, 2019

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If Paris is beige Amsterdam is red, brick red to be exact. It’s a compact city, really quite charming in many ways, a city of museums and canals, the city of Van Gogh and Rembrandt.

I was there a couple of years ago, walking everywhere because it’s possible to walk everywhere, all the attractions being within a reasonably close distance of one another. It was pleasant to give way to the city’s easy charm, at least by day, because it is charming by day. The night is different; the night is darker; the night is a deeper shade of red.

We stayed in the Grand, once a medieval convent... Read More

Recently, as I walked into a second hand store, I noticed a sign on the door. The sign said that pets were no longer allowed in the store unless they were work pets (such as a Seeing Eye dog).

I recall going to that store and seeing, on a few occasions, an older lady who had her dog in the seat of her cart. I saw her on a few occasions with her dog. I believe I recall seeing her in other stores as well.

I am fairly certain that this sign was aimed at her. I am also fairly certain that the sign was a result of some people complaining to staff about her dog.

Who is right... Read More

"Scooby Doo" or "(Expletive) on a Stick" was the password at one of our very own local San Antonio Wendy's drive-through windows in Texas. Providing the code word meant you'd get more then just your burger and fries.

Juan Antonio Rosa, 36 was sentenced to more then 21 years for selling child pornography in a most unusual way. He was taking orders for child pornography at Wendy's drive-through window at $50.00 a stick. Rosa was downloading 2 to 5 videos on a SD memory card stick and selling them.

His customers were people he met on social networking sites and they'd come calling... Read More

The mega-brothel located in Sydney, Australia will be the result of a massive expansion of the current Stiletto brothel. The brothel will be the continent's largest sex venue now that government officials having given it the green light to go ehhh'red.

The Stiletto mega-brothel owner's plan is to double the existing number of rooms to 40 at a cost of $12.2 million. The renovation includes some new rooms that will feature multiple beds and pool tables, according to a report by AFP.

Last year the city council blocked the upgrade for being too large, but today that was overturned... Read More

A certain stretch of highway between San Antoio and Austin may soon have an 85 mph speed limit. State officials are deciding whether to increase the current speed limit to 85mph along a stretch of the new Highway 130. State Highway 130 will run between San Antonio and Austin with the aim of reducing traffic loads off of busy Interstate 35.

There is no surprise that critics say the speed increase will result in lost lives, however the state speed management director says the safest roads are known to be the roads where all drivers travel the same speed. Studies have also shown... Read More

Last night a cold night, the rain drizzling. The drugs were the still needed up drug for the drug users. All huddled in fast take away shops waiting for the sun to come out tomorrow. However for a drug user, the sun never comes out. They don't notice that. How many are eager to find drugs for someone else.

You want to get on, someone looks up from the hard seats where you would think they were asleep. It was the dollars, well the free score they may get. This guy a traveller didn't know where to go. He was walking up to complete drug heads. However he was only an occasional user.

... Read More

Concord, Massachusetts, now there’s a town that has earned its place in history. The seedbed of American democracy, it was at a meeting in 1774 that the residents agreed to form a militia, volunteers who could be ready in a minute to face any approaching danger. Some months later these minutemen saw action against three companies of the British Army on the town’s North Bridge, firing a shot heard around the world.

Another shot has been fired from Concord that has been heard around the world, yea, even so far as London. The enemy this time is not redcoats but felines. Yes, some... Read More

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