Sunday, February 17, 2019

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This photo of Andy Warhol was captured by Reinhart Wolf. Andy's look in eyeglasses is what is known in my business as a P3 or Panto shape. This style suited Andy well and became his iconic look in eyewear as well as sunglasses.

The "Panto" or "P3"term was derived by the frame manufactures it is a shape that is round but with a deeper vertical measurement. While completely coin round eyeglasses are very fashionable they are also difficult for most face shapes. This classic P3 or Panto shape was much easier to wear and fit a larger spectrum of the different face shapes. This classic... Read More

On any given day, spending an afternoon in a beautiful Malibu estate with a million dollar view is blissful. Spending it with Paul Walker is just heavenly. I experienced my slice of heaven a few weeks ago when the Davidoff Cool Water team invited me to enjoy an afternoon of pampering and some one-on-one time with Paul, the new face of one of the world's best-selling colognes.

I grew up loving the scent of Cool Water. It's fresh, masculine and above all, cool. So it's no surprise to learn that Paul Walker pretty much embodies all of those traits with a sense of effortlessness and grounded-ness... Read More

Antony once told Cleopatra, “Lady you are the cruelest thing alive, lets meet as little as we can”. Which brings me nicely round to Madonna.

Yes, Madonna got an earful of boo’s from the public gallery last night as she attended the London premiere of her film W.E. She breezed right past the great unwashed without giving them so much as disdainful side look.

And Madonna doesn’t give a chicken cutlet that the critics have also booed her film.

No, Madonna says critics are of no consequence and claims she doesn’t even read their reviews. (Which means I can’t be bothered to... Read More

By AmyO

By AmyO & Jen and Tonic

We thought long and hard about the hottest dads in Hollywood, and decided that these are the Top 10 DILFs of today. The only requirements for this list are to be a dad and someone we’d like to... well, you get the idea. Several honorable mentions were also considered, but when it came down to it, the chosen men have a little bit of everything that makes them the ULTIMATE DILFs.

10.) Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson - We can smell what the Rock is cooking, and we’d let him bench press us anytime.

9.) Jon Stewart - His wit and unwavering... Read More

Superbowl Sunday is one of my favorite days of the year...a national holiday in my book, if you will. However, I feel slightly jipped by the fact that Arizona got the priviledge of accidentally viewing a 30-second, NSFW porn clip during the famous run of Super Bowl commercials, and the rest of the world was left out.

Yes, Comcast subscribers in Arizona were exposed to a Super Bowl wardrope malfunction that offered a gender-reversed spin on Janet Jackson. In the end, the parents who let their children watch various GoDaddy commercials where Danica Patrick enjoys a naked lesbian shower... Read More

Most of this is true, whether you believe it or not. The person's name in this story has been changed to protect its guiltiness. If you do your research you'll know who I'm in reference to. This person is the maverick Editor in Chief of three of the biggest magazines mentioned below. Enjoy.

It had been raining most of the morning in Los Angeles when I decided to drive to my post office to check my mail. I had no major addenda on this gloomy Friday, except write and I was taking a break from that. I took my time getting there because as we all fellow Americans know most of you cannot... Read More

Actually, I shouldn't be "required" to write ANYTHING! I mean after all, when you look the way I do, it should be enough to simply put my picture on the page and permit all of you readers to simply bask in my beauty! I'm sure you agree, so I'm asking that all of you write the editor a note and request that they post a full page picture of ME ME ME!! Until then, check this out....

On a more serious note, which is difficult for me. I read a book recently. Oh don't go there! I can read. This blonde isn't dumb!! The title of the book is, THE SHACK. As a little boi, I went to... Read More

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