Saturday, February 23, 2019

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Matt Stolhandske is a board member of Evangelicals for Marriage Equality and a contributor to The Purple Elephant. However, that is not why he is in the spotlight. What makes him controversial? Matt wants to give $150,000 to the Kleins, a couple in Oregon, who had to shut down their bakery business after being slapped with a fine for discrimination; they refused to provide services to a gay couple getting married.

“I’m also an evangelical Christian. I can’t understand why the Kleins or any other Christians twist the words of Jesus Christ to justify this behavior. To me, it’s a deeply... Read More

The information on this infographic is a concise history of Pope Francis, where he came from, what he believes and how he fits into both the history of the Church and modern Catholicism. it is an invaluable aide to help people get to know a little bit more about this unique pope.

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The better one is at maintaining their stress levels, the better their interactions become with others around them. Positive interactions will lead to a common goodwill being created, which in turn will indirectly help in improving and sustaining improved motivation.

On the other hand, stress build up will affect the way one reacts to his surroundings and people around. This will spiral into an individual with low motivation and high stress levels. Stress and Motivation have an inverse relationship and it’s always better to have the stress levels down in the relationship.

Let’s... Read More

Angels always point us towards heaven, to join in worship and praise of Christ .

Angel’s deeds are more than simply the stuff of legends, children’s bedtime tales, wishful thinking or fantasies of illiterate, ancient minds.

If you close your mind to these messengers of God, they sit like gold in a bank, useless unless we give them permission to act.

An angel is a pure spirit created by God. The Old Testament theology included the belief in angels: the name applied to certain spiritual beings or intelligences of heavenly residence, employed by God as the ministers of His... Read More

Twenty-five years ago I was in a panic when I discovered that I was pregnant with my seventh. I had just reconciled with God and embraced this baby when I started to spot. An ultrasound revealed that although I was 12 weeks pregnant, my womb was only at 9 weeks in size and was empty. Apparently the body reabsorbs a fetus in spontaneous, natural 'abortions'. This news shook me. I felt a sense of betrayal because I had experienced real, spiritual joy when I finally accepted that I was expecting again. My womb was empty, yet I KNEW, we had created a soul.

I had learned that it is important... Read More

It really is such a simple and obvious emotional and spiritual dynamic but one that most of us are oblivious to.

For some pragmatic types, this concept might seem ridiculous but as I watched, listened and prayed with a daughter conceived after my miscarriage, it became crystal clear. A Catholic psychiatrist helped us discover that this truth was at the root of her sadness and heaviness. The death of my unborn infant during my seventh pregnancy changed the atmosphere of my womb. In a sense, because I was ignorant, my womb was still a dark place filled with the lingering shadows of death.... Read More

Choosing the best professional after dinner speaker is the most significant thing to do if you are planning a huge surprise for your guests. However, you should always remember that the process of hiring the right speaker is quite a complex one and you need to work really hard if you want to gain some success here. The article discussed below will tell you in particular about the right way to find a professional after dinner speaker. You must pay proper attention towards these points. 1. The first thing that you must do here is to carefully evaluate the requirements of your audience. You... Read More

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