Saturday, February 16, 2019

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Do you really believe in the story of your team? Do you really think that you can make real your vision and accomplish your mission according to the values your team set for yourselves? If you do, then I want you to tell the story to them again and again.Most of us begin as dreamers and I think that is a beautiful thing. Many managers are thinkers. They are very good in working on strategies that will help the organization win. But very few of us are story tellers.

You need people to communicate your grand vision, mission, and values. You need story tellers to help your employees see,... Read More

When you consider the fact that low self esteem stems from a lot of negative messages being directed at you and being absorbed by the subconscious mind, it makes perfect sense does it not that bombarding your mind with positive messages can create a change.Affirmations are a great way to bombard your mind with positive messages but the sad fact is that a lot of people don’t know what to say or how to word affirmations. In this article I want to give you some simple tips that you can use to word affirmations so that they are most effective. By using affirmations on a daily basis you will be... Read More

These are some of the positive things about me.....

I do not drink alcohol. I love my children. They are my most precious blessings. I am very smart. I think I am very loved by God. Because, he hears and answers my prayers. Even though I am Christian, I usually pray directly to God. I am a very good nurse with lots of empathy for my patients. Blessed with intellectual brains to get me through college during very stressful times. I was one of 30 chosen out of 400 applicants for nursing school. The stress I have endured in my life makes my life as a nurse really easier than most because... Read More

I have been reading a lot about Mark Boyle and his new book No Money Man, which chronicles the year he spent living cash-free in a trailer outside of Bristol, England. His caravan was donated and is situated – luckily enough – on an organic farm, which are two major bonuses for this type of living, but the rest is hard work. He bikes to find supplies, forages for food (including supermarket dumpster-diving, a dubious practice to champion in my view), uses a compost toilet and bathes in the river.

This last detail caught my attention because it resonated with me. It brought to mind... Read More

I grab my sneakers from my closet and tie them, excited to run. I used to go running with my friend Bri, all the time.

We'd wake up at 5:30 each morning and meet at the park. We'd stretch while exchanging a few words. I remember the first time we went running, I ran a block as fast as I could, to try and impress her, but ended up panting by time I hit the corner. I didn't realize, back then, that it wasn't all about the speed, distance and pace mattered too. Now I know better.

She would always yell at me to go a little further, call me names here and there and would get... Read More

Walk around NoLa and you'll sense a pride. People wearing "I HEART NoLa" t-shirts are present everywhere, there is a new energy to this city. From taxi drivers to the waiter, they each share their story, their strength in returning, their pride and courage -when so many of their friends don't - and how things are bigger and better for them now. It's clear too that this alone is not enough for them. They each hold a part of a much larger dream.

New Orleans still has the you're in a different place, surreal feel. "Characters" fill the streets, the restaurants and the parks. The... Read More

When I stop to think about it, I realize that for me All social media and social networking and (insert other buzzwords here) all really boil down to one thing. Making friends.

That sounds so simple, too simple really. It has no "secret formula", no Web 2.0, no sense of having just let all of you in on some big secret. I started blogging because I had fallen into the habit of keeping up with two of my oldest, dearest friends (Hi Ron, Hi Bev) via their blogs and I wanted them to be able to keep up with me too. And I included book reviews in my blog posts almost from the first, because... Read More

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