Friday, February 22, 2019

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Whenever people prepare for a job, one of the first thing that they do is to look for common job interview questions. This is the article about that. In this article, you will get to know about the most common job interview questions that you will have to face in any standard job interview no matter if that is a structured one or unstructured. Remember, these job interview questions are not enough for you to prepare yourself. Also, there are people who think that preparing with job interview questions is not a good idea.

These are old school thoughts. As everything has changed now, if... Read More

In fact, parents, teachers and employers often preach about their importance. But what does it mean to have “excellent communication skills” and how can one obtain them? Read on to discover why you should focus on developing this important trait.

Define Communication Skills

Being able to communicate effectively essentially means that you are able to convey information clearly, often adjusting your strategy based on who you are talking to in order to ensure you are understood. However, the types of communication skills are dependent on the context – communicating an instruction... Read More

It is a known fact that in today’s time of unemployment and joblessness, there are college graduates as well who are suffering from jobless situation. For that reason, some intelligent mind thinks about their own start-ups with respect to their expertise. There are some famous ideas of business that is quite common in college and are successful as well. College grads take advantage of the insights and support of their instructors and professors and by taking lead to marketing opportunities from those who live in college campus.


First most common start-up in college... Read More

“Here is the test to find whether your mission on Earth is finished: if you’re alive, it isn’t.” (Richard Bach)

You are probably tired of reading all of the content out there on motivation. In addition to post after post, you have purchased and read several books on the topic. You may have even attended a workshop or presentation on it. With each post, book or presentation, you have come away with a new sense of excitement. Now, you have what it takes to get motivated. You have all of the steps and the tips, and you begin to implement them. A week or two later, they are all forgotten... Read More

Let us witness in love, without sinning against those who have yet to experience the joy of the Eucharist or a deep relationship with their Heavenly Mother.

I am proud to proclaim I am a Catholic writer. A saved, born again, Spirit-filled lover of Jesus who expects to be accepted by Protestant lovers of Jesus, because I am a sister in Christ. However, my culture conspires against my attempts at reconciliation, because my language habits sound foreign to Protestant ears. I am misunderstood and judged to be against the true faith by Bible-based Christians.

Initially, I wrote for... Read More

Teaching overseas is a unique opportunity for educators to explore the world and gain insight on new academic techniques, all the while continuing to carry out their passion of schooling and guidance. From experienced professors to recent graduates, a level of experience is not required for those seeking a change of pace. Some teachers use this opportunity to continue their own education and personal growth, while others may utilize this experience to pad their resume for graduate school or a desired teaching job back home. Even others make a career out of teaching abroad, dedicating their... Read More

My husband, Michael, and I have been married for 36 years, and we are happy and still in love. Surprisingly, we have become one in reality, deeply in tune with each other’s spirits even though we are still opposites in personality. Our tangible joy is inexplicable through secular eyes, because from all outward appearances our life together has been a tough journey including poverty, nine kids, overwhelming chores on a small family farm and long-term, clinical depression.

Accessing Power in the Sacrament of Marriage

The grace available in the Sacrament of Marriage is not some esoteric... Read More

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