Wednesday, February 20, 2019

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I think most of us would agree that producing art gives us power. I see it as a power over ourselves, as opposed to power over what is outside of ourselves. It is a personal power over our own energy, perception, and motivational systems. And perhaps more important, the making of art helps us transcend the need to achieve a social equilibrium (which in my opinion, is rarely possible anyway). Instead, we are involved in a process by which we may achieve a degree of harmony within ourselves, in relation to the universe. In the dynamic state of being committed to a creative process, we do not... Read More

What if you were a child with potential worth a vista but were born and bred in darkness? What if you had futile dreams given the ebb of survival in Kolkata’s (Calcutta, India) red light area? Such was the epoch that little Avijit and his friends aspired in their uphill battle until Zana Briski, photographer, filmmaker and activist saw the unseen blooming in their dingy rooms. Zana’s appetite for giving back and her ardor to share smiles through her lenses gave a group of deprived children the pursuit of happiness. Grooming an excited bunch of children on photographic skills to recognize their... Read More

Your lost

so follow me

I'm a leader

and that's what I always intend to be

just take my hand

I'll show you around

teach you the ropes

and give you hope

no need to fear

cuz baby I'm here

so wipe those tears

and paint your face with a smile

cuz being sad won't get you there

it'll just keep you behind

leaving you confused


and misused

so cheer up

why you crying?

Nothing bad can happen without your consent

you have two ways to look at every situation

... Read More

Yesterday, I was watching The View on ABC. Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield and Justin Timberlake, stars of the new movie, "The Social Network (2010)", were their first guests. Sherri asked Justin if he was going to keep recording music. His response hit my proverbial nail on its head. He said "Music comes in sudden bursts of creativity". I don't know if he came up with this term or if he borrowed it, but I had searched for the perfect description to describe the madness to my recent writing method.

Sudden bursts of creativity is precisely what has developed, and the way my inspiration... Read More

It’s about 90 degrees now—I feel like I’m sitting underneath a very fat man who’s breathing on me at a steady humid rate. I’m on my balcony watching Hollywood shimmer in the summer heat (unfortunately it’s technically fall) and I realize how much I love my view. My dog is sleeping next to my feet; she always seems to be sleeping, but I love her nonetheless. No matter how bad my day is, my view and my dog always put a smile on my face—I feel like people, including myself, have forgotten how many things there are to make us smile; like we’ve lost perspective.

In the last nine-years... Read More

Are you the type of person who lets outer circumstances set the tone for the day you will have? Do you allow other people or events to control your emotions? If so then this article is for you.

I want to explain the effect that allowing out circumstances and other people to control your emotions and day can have. When you allow this to happen you are letting go of your own power. If you know anything about the law of attraction then you know that you have to power to turn every day into a great day. One way of doing this is to set your intentions.

The first thing I do every... Read More

I take my camera to the pond

bend down on the ground

aim the eye of the lens

and focus on the flower

that floats in the water

surround by green

and dirty water

the white



stand tall

even though everything

around her

seems to stay low

and just float

and some drown

but she stands tall

through it all

and it's hard to ignore

her elegance

she seems to have an ego

and boy is she proud

standing for all to see her

and her beauty... Read More

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