Thursday, February 21, 2019

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THE LATEST ON HOW TO STOP GAMBLING: (if you don't like humor please ignore).'re a gambler. I'm betting you won't admit it. :>) It's all been said and done, or is that sad and dumb? One of the latest medications i've developed for anti-gambling is a pill designed to stop your gambling in its tracks. The pill weighs 150lb. Now, place one pill on each window of your house and external doors. Place one pill on the gambler, if the playing persists add another pill.

Only gamble what you can afford. If indeed you have a Ford don't sell it. Strange fact is that all-... Read More

Most of my nine children were able to verbalize their womb and birth experiences if my husband and I posed questions before they were three and a half or four years old because most children can no longer remember after that age.

Science Confirms

The scientific community is beginning to research the phenomenon of preverbal memories. For example, see the study, Evidence of Learning and Memory in Fetuses Six Weeks Prior to Birth. The implications of similar scientific research for the pro-life movement is obvious; scientists are discovering that an unborn baby is not a blob... Read More

Exactly three years ago, I finally became cognizant of how thin the line between life and death really is when I nearly lost one of my daughters as she struggled to give birth. During labour, she almost bled out when she lost a litre of blood in mere seconds after an emergency C-section, the result of a series of unforeseen complications, a one-in-ten-thousand chance.

Life is Precarious

Of course, in a large teaching hospital with an excellent Maternity Ward, an emergency team of no less than ten people descended on her in the recovery room, whipped off the sheets and even her... Read More

Is joy at the heart of your life?

Most of us are deaf to God's invitation to join His glorious, cosmic dance. Yet, life in Christ is all about surrender, letting go of control, not labouring in our own puny strength to the point of exhaustion. In fact, once we have been purified and transformed, life in Christ is child’s play, a dance of joy.

Dancing demands a freed person, one who vibrates with the equipoise of all his powers. I praise the dance. O man, learn to dance, or else the angels in heaven will not know what to do with you. Saint Augustine Listen to the Children

When... Read More

Modern, educated folk tend to dismiss the miraculous, preferring to believe science will eventually provide a plausible explanation for the inexplicable. For the cynical, only the ignorant or gullible set out on desperate pilgrimages seeking cures or chase after Charismatic signs. Many Protestants think miracles were only for the age of dispensation of grace; for sombre Calvinists, supernatural deeds are not performed today. However, there are countless, hidden souls who have experienced authentic miracles but they have been bullied into silence.

I think the Almighty delights in shocking... Read More

Since preschool, adults have pushed you to excel, to rise above your peers. My generation has groomed you for success, to get into the best universities and snatch the most prized careers. Well, it is nice to have confidence, to fulfil your dreams and have a sense of satisfaction in your chosen field of work but that will not make you happy.

Just take a look at the generation that has gone before you. The all too common mid-life crisis is a testament to the failure of a life focused on career advancement to the exclusion of family. Men and women bemoan the fact that they did not have... Read More

This book is not a fluffy bit of New Age nonsense but based on Tara's profound grasp of both traditional spirituality and human nature. She has learned exactly how to help people be in the moment where they can meet God. Even after quickly scanning the book, I understood at once why Tara and Daniel. W. Sorenson, the illustrator, created a prayer journal as a colouring book.

For more than eight years, Tara has been a Certified Spiritual Director through the Canadian Council of Professional Certification, a retreat leader, and a speaker with Anam Cara Ministries. By gently asking questions,... Read More

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