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I look for the best that is in everything. I do not always find it. Undaunted, I try to overlook certain flaws. After all, no one is perfect, and neither am I. Besides ... I would much rather strive for it than ever really attain it.

I sang and performed professionally for years. Obtained my broadcasting license but haven't used it, stopped smoking and found out I could paint, sculpt and draw. In 2000, a published poet, have penned song lyrics for years, and have gone on to discover the writer, essayist and communicator inside. I review and critique food, movies and articles, recipes and books. From an early age I have worn the label of animal lover and seven years ago, I attended and graduated from LAC, a top ten French cooking school, so that makes me a budding pastry chef.

My blogs and articles are intended to be conversational, thought provoking, interesting, mostly humorous and sometimes serious. I really hope that just as I have done throughout internet cyber space, I will continue to meet and share memorable and good times with like minded and talented writers, right here on BrooWaha. I'm ready for some fun.

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My studio loft and my kitchen.


The Hobbit, The Prophet, Encyclopedias, Dictionary, The Prince of Tides, Mysteries. History, Regency England, and Illustration Books of The Universe.


Jazz, R&B, Opera, Classic & Hard Rock and Bluegrass


Star Trek, A Good Year, You've Got Mail, Aliens, Sabrina, Under The Tuscan Sun, Black & White 1930's and 1940's Murder Mysteries, The Fifth Element, Notting Hill, Bridget Jones Diary, Harry Potter Movies, The Golden Compass. It's Complicated, 2012 (for the CGI).

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