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Home to malcontents, revolutionaries, crossfitters and do-gooders of all types. Things to do - "You will never leave where you are until you decided where you'd rather be..." Jump on a trampoline and stick to a velcro wall (inspired by lauren) * Dog Sled in Mongolia * Dance in the Rain * Snowball fight in Russia * See Everest * Have Tea in South Africa * Sailboat around Greece * Ride on the back of a Motorcycle * Golf in Scotland (someone has to teach me how to hit the ball first!) * Salsa & Tango in Spain * Spend a month Backpacking across Europe * Hike around Peru * Meditate in India * Mountain Bike in Moab * Grand Canyon * Climb the Highest points in all 50 states (49 more to go) * race go carts * run a full marathon 26.2 miles * rappell out of a helicopter * see the northern lights * run the great wall * stay in an ice hotel * skinny dip * visit amazon * fly somewhere just for lunch * ride on the back of a garbage truck * do a muscle up * stay in an over water bungalow, bora bora *a live japanese sumo match * Ice Fish * compete at another Corssfit competition * fly fish * ride the Trans Siberian Rail Road * raft down the Grand Canyon * Publish my book * Dive off the coast of Australia * Stay on a working ranch * Heli - Ski * Trek Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, Alaska * Explore the Galapagos * Amazon River and Rainforest * Visit the Taj Mahal * Stand among the Terra-cotta Warriors of Xi'an, China * Hike to Machu Picchu * Stick my toe or foot in every new body of water I have not been to before * Watch the sun over Mt. Fitz Roy * Random things I have done - “I will not be just a tourist in a world of images.” -Anais Nin Learned to ballroom dance * Paraglide in Austria * Ran half a Marathon * Ran through a field of corn * Went into the Great Pyramid in Egypt * Fell in the canal in Venice * Published my writing * Sky Dived in Arizona * Climbed Mt. Elbert, Colorado * Skied in Zermatt, Switzerland (almost over a cliff with my father:) * Done a NOLS course * Bought Tulips in Holland with my mother * Stood in Anne Franks house * can do hand stand push-ups * Got my Diving Certification in Jamaica with Big D * Grieved in a concentration camp in Germany * rode a mechanical bull * Ate Belguim waffles in Belguim * did a night dive (scary) * Visited with Mona Lisa in person in Paris * Went to the real Moulin Rouge show with my grandparents * had food fight * Ate the best Pita and Hummus in Akko, Israel * owned llamas * Slept under the stars in Joshua Tree * swam with a horse in the ocean * Went to Heaven and Hell in Turkey * got lost in the Cario market *

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