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A word about Savattra:

Savattra Ravi Nam Kaur also writes under the moniker of Katherine Alexandra, the Christian. I live in Marin County, California. Single, never married, no kids but love life! A bonafide culture vulture, writer whose biggest pet peeve is the New Age and its lies to the vulnerable.

I was raised Roman Catholic and Pentecostal but now attend a Brethren in Christ church. My undergraduate studies were in world religion and I have friends of all faiths. True to San Francisco, I am immersed in healthy living. To me .... New Age is deception in the name of enliightenment.

My life is inspired by Madonna (the singer not the virgin) when it comes to professional ambitions realized ... on the spiritual side it is inspired by ... St. Catherine of Alexandria who is the patron saint of truth and justice. The woman whose wisdom converted 50 pagans in a public debate to Christianity.

My one message to the world is: God alone can heal you and only that which is of God and the Holy Spirit will work miracles in your life! My special interest are women and children in need of healing because of trauma and the reclaiming of their power with God. My special cause to endorse in terms of my personal works is truth and justice. My chosen avenue to execute this mission is my pen, my networking, and my commitment to communicate the truth from the heart and to the heart. My sole intention is to state the obvious truth in the name of consumer protection!

I do not believe in seeing psychics but since this is the Bay Area I will say ... when working with an intuitive healer please excercise excellent judgment ... work with those who are spiritually neutral and won't tamper on your spiritual foundation. Look for people who remind you that YOU are in the driver's seat of your life.

My favorite intuitives in this essence are: Laura Day, Penney Peirce, Dr. Mona Lisa Schultz, Dr. Judith Orloff, Lynn Robinson, and Henriette Ann Klauser.

Local hangouts:

Wherever the spirit moves me


The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown (my dream is to debate Dan Brown on his claims and see if he repents)


Classic Rock


Anything about an international person of mystery AND romantic comedy

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