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I am a retired British detective who has served extensively throughout the U.K. In the past I've been published by a Vanity House and a Traditional Publishing House but I'm currently an independent publisher with my own publishing imprint and editorial services business. I've written both television and film scripts either on my own, or with the award winning screenwriter Nick Gordon. Paul Anthony is my pseudonym. Born in Southport, Lancashire, I'm the son of a soldier whose family settled in Carlisle before I joined Cumbria police at the age of 19. As a detective, I served in Cumbria CID, the North West Regional Crime Squad, the Special Branch, Counter Terrorist Command, and other national agencies in the UK. I have an Honours Degree in Economics and Social Sciences, a Diploma in Management and a Diploma in Office Management. When not writing, I enjoy reading a wide range of works, reviewing same, and playing guitar badly. I like running, pilates, kettlebells, athletics, keeping fit, dining out and dining in, keeping Koi carp, and following politics, economics and social sciences. Married, we have three adult children and five grandchildren. I'm a former winner of the Independent Authors Network Featured Author Contest and was a Featured Author at the 'Books without Borders' Event in Yonkers, New York, 2012. In earlier years I was a Featured Author at the Frankfurt Book Fair, Germany. My online book shop is found at

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The Gym - Kettlebell Alley


Paul Anthony, Gerald Seymour, Jack Higgins, Chris Ryan. Abe Nasser, Dennis Sheehan, - but prefer non fiction works political traditions, economic models, social science, biographies....


Jazz, 60's music, Robbie Williams, most pop music - play guitar but not enough.



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