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Many interests drive both my writing and my art. Genre has, in my view, become pointless - one must write from one's experience, but equally from one's imagination - I have always searched for the boundaries between the two, alas, to no avail. Life is, or at least strives to become, a highly imaginative experience, a journey with bumps in the road, and moments of clarity and grace. These and everything between them are the chapters we live, whether fictional on non, poetic or intellectual, scientific or politic, we are all of these simultaneously. To write only from one, or to hold rigidly to a style regardless the artistic medium, is a fool's effort. In my painting, writing, and work, I seek to cross the boundaries others insist on erecting, perhaps believing that the map is the territory, and by setting such boundaries, they will become master's of their own destinies. But this is, in my view, the hidden failure of the human experience - our choices are limitless, yet all our shared and non-shared histories seem to show is a mad desire to create boxes that others are forced into once they arrive on this planet. Sad, really. I choose otherwise. I write, paint, draw, sculpt, make objects of beauty and utility, seek, study, learn, quest, share and hope. Not in any particular order.

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Many Planetary reference points, some well known, others most obscure. , The Best Coast


Too many to list, a lifetime's worth in half that time. Currently reading Twain's Feast, by Andrew Beahrs. Plus, a book about the Golden Section. Plus reviewing twenty-some medical journal articles for a paper I am writing. Plus, my fortieth or so reading of Leaves of Grass. I think there's another seven or eight being read on the bedside table currently.


There are too many to list, tho anything whatsoever by Van Morrison. Afro Pop, Cuban, Middle Eastern Rai, Counting Crows, Three Blind Dogs, REM, Dr. John; Mazzy Star, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Salif Kieta, Hugh Masakela, Cesaria Evora, Joni Mitchell, etc., etc.


Everything is Illuminated; Thin Red Line; Tree of the Wooden Clogs; Cinema Paradiso; The Artist, Hugo, Brazil

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