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I'm an avid writer and musician. I love reading and writing poetry, articles,short stories, journal-writing, and more. I've been playing flute since 1997 but interested in music my whole life. I'm fan of Jazz, Classical, Blues, R&B (specifically, Old School 60's & 70's ), and various types of Scottish and World music. I enjoy discussing issues that will add to individuals lives and expand their horizons. As well as just talking about life, sports, and whatever!

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Coffee houses, various music venues, small and unique places to grab a bite to eat, and bookstores I hang out at home as well. And, of course there's that deal called "work" which I also enjoy engaging with others and hopefully help university students as I counsel and advise them in hopefully figuring out their passion and plan for life.


Leading with Soul, Blues Legacies and Black Feminism, High Times, Hard Times, Angela's Ashes, Mirrors, Strangers from a Different Shore, Dreams from my Father, Race Matters, Say It Loud, Snowflower and the Secret Fan, In Search of Respect, Life is so good,Motorcycle Diaries, Left to Tell, White Night, Cane River, Hope on a Tightrope, and too many books to name.


Jazz which encompasses music by Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Eric Dolphy, Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughn, Nancy Wilson, Ella Fitzgerald, McCoy Tyner, Gerald Clayton,David Arnay, Nedra Wheeler, Dave Brubeck, Scott Burns, Elliott Caine, Nick Mancini, Kenny Elliott, Billy Childs,Francisco Aquabella, Elaine Elias, Chris Norman (a Scottish Flute Player),Anita O'Day, Edith Piaf, Thelonious Monk, Von Freeman, Barbara Morrison,Nick Mancini, Otmaro Ruiz, and others. I also immensely love classical music, Aaron Copland, Mozart, Stravinsky, Bach, Beethoven,Patricia Cloud-Davis, Jonathan Davis,Ellen Burr,and more. Of course the Blues are essential. Ko Ko Taylor, Ray Charles, and many others.


Rabbit Proof Fence, Motorcycle Diaries, Cinema Paradiso, The Visitor, Speaking in Strings, Angela's Ashes, Good Night and Good Luck, Roots, Malcolm X, In the Heat of the Night, The Great Debaters, The original "A Star is Born" (with Judy Garland), Water, Splendor in the grass, Picnic...just a few. I prefer Foreign, Independent films, and documentaries.

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