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Wow... so updating this is LONG overdue. In the intervening time since my last profile update, I sold my company to a bigger company in Las Vegas, and then went to work for them. Yes, that's right, I left the comfortable confines of sunny Los Angeles for life in the REAL desert. On balance, I traded about 40% of my cost of living for about twenty or so extra degrees during the summer months. In all, a very good move and one I'd definitely make sooner if I had it all to do over again. I don't miss much about L.A. - save the professional sports, and my own very personal connection to the L.A. Clippers - but the fact that I'm able to finally afford a home, a grown-up life, etc, is well worth having to watch my team lose on television rather than in person. So, what else? Born in Illinois - raised in a couple small towns in Colorado (Louisville/Lafayette). Joined the Navy at 18, ended up at Annapolis at 19. Got a degree in Mathematics, spent 2 years as a college mascot and took a SERIOUS butt-whuppin' during my four years on the shores of the Severn River. Ended up in submarines after failing a flight physical - and after two years of training, on a ballistic missile boat stationed in Kings Bay, GA (the armpit of the South). Three years on the boat, 90 days at a go, and a frequent short commute to Jacksonville, FL was a good time, and I learned everything I know about leadership, hardship and teamwork. But, the Navy wasn't a growth business, and when they ultimately decided not to send me to law school - I turned in my walking papers and decided to go on my own. Packed up my whole life in a big yellow truck and moved to northern California - and showed up on the Stanford campus, sight unseen. My first private school after a life of public-school blue-collarness was a culture shock unlike any I had experienced to that point, or any I've experienced since (I'm still not quite sure it's completely sunk in) - and I took the occasion to put pen to paper to express my confusion, frustration, consternation, etc. The rest, as they say, is history. Two year long blog projects later, my first book is finally out ("THREE THINGS: A year in the life, three things at a time"), and I'm looking forward to the next writing challenge.

Local hangouts:

STAPLES Center, Universal CityWalk, The Studio Cafe (Best Chili in LA!), My apartment


The Alchemist, The Dark Tower, The Dancing Wu-Li Masters, The Natural... but ALWAYS looking for recommendations


80's Rock (Hair band nonsense), 80's Pop, I've actually caught myself listening an adult contemporary station... ARGH! Country, YES, COUNTRY! Mostly everything that isn't death metal or opera...


Top Gun, American Beauty, Better Off Dead, 3 O'Clock High, Breakfast Club, Anchorman, Zoolander, The Big Lebowski

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