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Stephen H. Frye, M.D., was born in Boston and attended Boston Latin School and studied piano at the Boston Conservatory of Music. He then graduated from Boston University and earned his M.D. degree at the George Washington University School of Medicine. After his internship at San Francisco General Hospital, he was drafted and volunteered to serve as a physician in the U.S. Army Special Forces (Green Berets) during the Vietnam era.

After his military service, Dr. Frye completed his psychiatric training at the Langley Porter Neuro-Psychiatric Institute of the University of California, San Francisco. He served as the Director of Mental Health for Sonoma County, Calif., for four years, then founded a private practice multi-specialty mental health group and directed it for 18 years. He concluded his distinguished career by teaching for one year at the University of Nevada School of Medicine before retiring.

Dr. Frye then hosted a radio talk show in Reno called "Politics and Health," where he first became interested in drugs. After almost four years of study and research, he has become an expert in drug issues. He's the divorced father of two adult sons, plays the piano, sails, skis, and is a world traveler, having visited 45 countries, 44 states, and 8 Canadian provinces.

Stephen H. Frye, M.D., is a candidate for U.S. Senator John Ensign’s (Rep-NV) 2012 seat.

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I play the piano for non-profit fund-raisers.


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