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If you want to know me read what I will find my heart and soul there...I have been a crisis worker-life coach for the last 25 years and feel very blessed to have worked at what gives my life meaning and nourishes my soul. I often will write about the many people I have known in my work. Poetry is my favorite way to express my feelings...Give me "words" and music and I am in heaven...I am very much a romantic idealist and sometimes do not like living in this world ... I find people often complicate life with their inability to look outside their own viewpoint and comfort zone.. I myself like to embrace differences and try to find something to "learn" from them. I may not agree with your viewpoint, but I do respect your right to your own opinion. *** all works....Copyright © 2012 Barbara MacDonald

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My favorite place to hang out is in my "mind" has taken me on many trips, both worldly and out of this :-))


The Prophet, The Good Earth, The Road Less Traveled, A New Earth, The Seat Of The Soul, She's Come Undone.


R&B...Motown..reggae...blues...varied tastes...often it is the lyrics that will draw me to a song.


Bridges Of Madison County, The Notebook, Gandhi, One Flew Over The Cookoo's Nest

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