Yes, You Can Be in a Real Lightsaber Duel. Here's How

Whether you’ve only picked up a telescoping plastic toy or you have a custom piece with its own, dedicated lightsaber stand, anyone who has seen Star Wars has imagined participating in a lightsaber duel. It’s an irresistible fantasy. Well, these days, it can be much more. Real people have regular lightsaber duels and battles, and you can join in the fun.

Underground Lightsaber Fighters

One of the most prolific lightsaber dueling clubs in the United States, the underground fighters got their start a few years ago in San Diego. What started as a guy trying to have a little fun and make a few friends instantly exploded into one of the more popular outdoor activities in San Diego. The club still meets once a month, and participants of all ages enjoy dueling.

From kids having silly fun to adults trying their best to win a serious tournament, everyone seems to have a place with the underground fighters. If you aren’t in San Diego, there’s no reason to worry. They have chapters in many cities now, and where they don’t, there are usually brother and sister groups that keep the tradition alive. You can track the Underground Lightsaber Fighters through their Facebook page and find a local chapter.


Naturally, lightsaber duels are not limited to the United States. LudoSport is an Italian group that teaches real fighting techniques for lightsaber battles. While their base is in Italy, they have schools across Europe. Even better, they have a traveling group that gives clinics and gets dueling clubs started all over the world. And yes, they visit the U.S. as well.

You can check with the LudoSport website to see if they have any events planned in your area. If not, you can still enjoy their video tutorials and polish your skills. The techniques will come in handy if you find a chapter of the underground fighters. Even if they aren’t in your area, you still have plenty of options available.

These are just two groups of many. A simple Google search of “real lightsaber battles” in your area is usually all it takes to find fellow enthusiasts. So, get out there, take your weapon from its lightsaber stand and have some fun. Otherwise, it’s just going to collect dust while you sit around and wonder what kind of excitement you could be enjoying right now.