Will Artificial Intelligence Really Affect The Future Of Fashion?

Fashion has been something of a cultural phenomenon for millennia, with various civilizations and societies showing off various ways of combining cosmetics and clothing to produce breath-taking results. This practice continues today and is bigger than it has ever been, but will artificial intelligence really have an impact on the industry? Just as straightforward simple promocode discounts changed the e-commerce market, the answer is simply that it’s inevitable.

Now, it’s worth pointing out that AI is expected to affect practically every aspect of life in the future. This includes everything from education to leisurely activities, especially when automation is involved. As for fashion, the impact of AI advancement is actually fairly straightforward.

Creative Robots

One of the most amazing aspects and a source of major fear with regards to advanced AI is the matter of robots taking over jobs beyond the labor sector. Even now, machines are creating poetry, novels, art, music, and so much more that require abstract thinking. It also just so happens that designing clothing, bags, shoes, and other fashion accessories fall under this category.

Someday, it’s more than possible for an AI to design an entire fashion line that would then be featured on catwalks. If this happens, no job will truly be safe.

Automated Manufacturing

Another direct effect of the advancements in AI research is automated manufacturing. The more machines evolve, the less human workers will be needed in factories, especially with machine vision becoming truly complex. Within the next decade alone, it’s expected that robots will replace about half of all human workers in a variety of industries, and this goes doubly true for manufacturing.

Granted, the truly high end designer items are handcrafted and meticulously put together by actual people. However, the ones that are mass produced will be cheaper than ever. This is where “benefit save money up-to-date voucher” concepts become less necessary.

Drone Models

As you might have already seen with all of the video clips that are circulating all over the web, some fashion shows are now using actual drones to showcase designer clothing. While this is already a rather revolutionary, if odd, concept, it can get even better when AI gets involved. Once drones are equipped with advanced machine intelligence, they can become much more coordinated than humans could ever be.

With this being the case, drones could actually pull off runway formations that no human models could replicate. This might even lead to a new age kind of fashion trend.

Drone Delivery

Finally, there’s the matter of drone delivery, which is about as direct of an impact as AI advancements can get. Having customers’ clothing items delivered to their doorstep mere days or even hours after shopping for them online is just one of the inevitable conveniences that can be expected in the future.

Equipped with AI, these drones will be able to chart their ways through the skies with more coordination and ease. This could then translate to more fashion item sales, which can only be great for designers.