Why Your Business Needs A Phone App

Mobile phone apps are attached to every big name, business, and conglomerate out there in the world now. There is an app for the weather, an app for games, even an app for food. Apps are big business. If you are reading this, as a startup company, small or medium size business, you may not think that there is much use in having a mobile phone application. But there may be more advantages than you realize. In this article, I will lay out some reasons why it may benefit your business in more ways than one.

Continuous Contact With The Customer

As mobile phones are almost the main way how people communicate these days, with text, instant messenger programs and apps. People are now spending a grand total of two hours per day glued to their screens, an app would be a prime way to communicate with a customer. Apps tend to have many adverts looming around the screen. The amount of ads that people have to swipe, scroll and delete away can have it’s advantages. If your business is an ad that needs swiping it will equate to many people seeing your ad up close. A well designed advert that stands out will leave an impression, as our subconscious mind has the ability to record every text and image it sees.

(Nearly) Everyone Owns A Mobile Phone

Currently there are more mobile devices than there are people in the world, which is completely staggering. By 2018, over half of all mobile phone users globally will have upgraded to smartphones. Developing an app that can be seen by over a billion people sounds quite staggering, and although you may not get all of them to see your app, even one hundredth of a billion will be more than plenty to guarantee a success.

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	“Now I never need to use my vocal chords. They just got in the way of me playing with my phone anyway.”
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Brand Development and Recognition

Creating a mobile phone app gives you the opportunity to develop your brand, or rethink it on a larger scale. An app is a blank canvas, and you can paint it with whatever you like. If you want to make it informative, trendy, or shocking, the choice is yours. If you’re not sure where to start, you can always get outside help. A company like Adworkz can work with you to help develop your app so it is in line aesthetically with your company. In advertising, seeing or hearing a brand twenty times will be what gets it noticed.

As A Small Business, You Stand Out

You’ve read this far. Do you think that there is a place for your small business in the world of phone apps? Apps for small businesses are very rare, so by creating one, you immediately have put yourself up and out of the parapet, and can compete with businesses much bigger than yours on the app market.

Learning To Create An App Isn’t As Hard As It Seems

Yes, really! If you have a little bit of tech knowhow and know where to look online, you can learn some basic code or follow one of the many app creation tutorials and create one yourself.

Advertising Costs Are Reduced…

...as well as the amount you can save on paper! The app is digital and on a small screen, so there is no need for your posters, flyers and billboards attached to zeppelins (if you can afford that sort of thing).

...and Customer Loyalty Is Increased

Your customers are merely a fingertip away, and so your ability to connect with them on a cellular (sorry for the pun) level. Advertising is a constant bombardment in our lives. With spam emails, pop up ads and coupons being shoved in our face on a daily basis, the effect of advertising can lose its impact due to over-saturation. If you are a smaller business, the app may a great way of keeping regular contact with your customers, and so you can reward their loyalty to your brand.

The mobile phone app is a stealthy advantage to your business. So, have a think about what you want your app to be. It could be anything, and that is the beauty of making an app for your business. An app can be a treasure trove of entertainment, education and fun all in one package. The possibilities are endless, you could make a board game, bar-code scanner and torch all rolled into one (not my personal choice but you can try it). Let your mind wander and let it improve your business.