What do you know about Solar Net Metering and How does it Work?

Many people deciding to go solar have heard the name “Net Metering” but are not sure what it means. What is Net Metering? It is a utility billing mechanism available in a no. of states that offer a credit to both commercial and residential customers who are generating extra electricity with their solar panels and sending it back to the grid. How does Net Metering Work? A rooftop solar panel can generate more electricity than you use during the daytime. With the help of Net Metering, consumers are only billed for the “net” energy utilized each month, i.e. the difference between the energy produced and the energy consumed by the house in the billing period of one month. When your space is net-metered, the meter will be seen running backward, which means you may get a credit against the electricity you use from the grid when it is not sunny, or it is nighttime. The Advantages of Net Metering: Net Metering can help consumers save a huge chunk of money on their utility bills every year. Another benefit is, since your solar system is producing electric power near the point where it will be consuming, this helps to reduce the load on the power grid’s distribution and transmission infrastructure and minimizes the energy loss. There are two types of power grids-
  • On-Grid
An on-grid is a solar system that is connected with the utility grid. When the solar panel generates less electricity than what your home needs, the rest is supplied through the power grid. And, when your solar panel produces more than what your home needs, the excess electricity is sent back to the power grid. At night, when solar panels do not generate any electricity, your home draws electricity from the power grid.
  • Off-Grid
An off-grid solar panel is not attached to the power grid but uses a battery to store the generated electricity. A solar panel produces more energy than your house needs. This excess electricity is used to charge a storage battery from which you can draw electricity at nighttime. These off-grid solar panels are generally used in rural areas where there is no access to the power-grids. The major drawback of this panel is the cost; it is very expensive to install these systems as the batteries are very pricey. So you can determine what is better for you and can choose between on-grid or off-grid accordingly. There are many debates taking place all over the country on how to develop the current programs. Net metering may factor more accurate calculation of the solar energy flowing into the distribution grid. If you are already getting benefits from the net metering for your solar panel, you will be shielded from any reductions. So, if you want to take advantage of net metering policies, don’t delay going solar and visit sunvival.pl for more information.