Visit Central New Jersey for a One-Stop Shop

Central New Jersey is certainly a diamond in the rough. Whether you are travelling to NJ for the first time on vacation, or reside in Central New Jersey, there is something for everyone. New Jersey is known as the “Garden State” for its many outdoor attractions to explore, but it also offers opportunities for shoppers, history buffs, and sightseers galore. Coming to Central New Jersey will not disappoint. In fact, you will not have enough time to do all it has to offer in one trip, beckoning you to return. Central New Jersey has an interesting history that has shaped it into the hidden gem that it is today.

New Jersey’s Wealth Belt

Historically, Central New Jersey’s counties, which fall roughly within the middle third portion of the state, are ranked among the highest income counties in all of the United States. With a high median household income, Central New Jersey was once the state’s “wealth belt” before work moved overseas. What gave Central New Jersey this reputation is their manufacturing hub for the eastern United States. Huge industrial companies erected their production facilities in the area, such as Ford Motor Company’s facility for specific model production, and ExxonMobil Chemical.

Healthcare City Central

And did you know Central New Jersey is also considered the “Healthcare City” because of its concentration of medical facilities, such as the Robert Wood Johnson Medical Hospital or the New Jersey Center for Audiology? Central New Jersey is also home to several of the top pharmaceutical campuses in the country, such as Bristol-Meyers Squibb Company, and Johnson & Johnson.

Academia to Boast

A big contributor to Central New Jersey’s prestige is its widespread academic programs. To name a few, Princeton University and Rutgers New Brunswick are examples of the area's universities that draw academics from near and far. With only a couple of exceptions, each county in Central New Jersey houses its own county college. What’s more, Thomas Edison State College in Trenton provides online education programs.

Last But Not Least: Tourist Attractions

Now to get to the fun stuff. Central New Jersey has endless tourist attractions, such as Six Flags Great Adventure, the Freehold Raceway, and Gateway National Recreation Area. Residents and tourists alike get to enjoy a vibrant music scene year round, as well as popular festivals, such as the New Jersey Folk Festival. Central New Jersey has endless parks, historic sites, and cultural happenings, shopping, and nightlife events. To plan your trip to New Brunswick, or your weekend with visiting friends, go to the Convention & Visitors Bureau for Central New Jersey where you can plan your trip to see a Knights football game at Rutgers, visit a medical facility to meet your needs, or host a golf trip. Central New Jersey welcomes you.