Using Videos for Legal Marketing in 2021

Using Videos for Legal Marketing in 2021

To remain competitive in 2021, law firms have to integrate more videos into their digital marketing plans.

Video marketing has grown in popularity among consumers with major sites like YouTube recording more than 2 billion monthly viewers. More recently, Facebook marketers reported increased engagement with this type of content than images and textual posts.

For one thing, its visual nature makes video easy to understand, remember, and keep the consumer engaged at all times. Video creation and production have also become easy these days. With a smartphone and internet access, internet users have risen to become TikTok and YouTube stars.

But why, as a law firm, should you begin to plan such content while other tools are working fine for you? Read on to understand the benefits of video marketing and why you shouldn’t miss out.

Videos Provide More Value to Consumers

When you think about creating videos for your law firm, what topics come to mind? Are they educative and valuable to the viewer?

If you choose an informative topic, videos will do the rest. This is how it works:

Videos are visually pleasing and so, they can easily captivate and engage viewers for a long time. With this, the information becomes easy to understand and remember, compared to other forms like written text.

When consumers find value in your content, they are likely to like, comment, and share your videos, generating more engagement.

Promote Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you’ve been looking for more ways to rank your law firm higher on search engine results, try video marketing.

Search engines like Google and Bing love videos because they are easy to share and thus, a perfect way to create backlinks. When you perform a “how-to” search, the page results are likely to include a couple of videos, too. This is because they are an important tool for SEO.

Use relevant keywords in the titles, meta tags, and descriptions to optimize your videos for search engines. Remember to make these changes for local SEO as well.

For instance, if your firm operates in multiple locations like the Nye Law Group, you can create videos and include names of local areas within the titles and descriptions.

Influence Purchase Decisions

Consumers who click on videos rarely do so just to be informed. They are also looking to compare two products, learn how to use a particular product, or understand why they should choose one subscription package over the other.

In other words, many internet users resort to videos when making a purchase decision. It is your job as an attorney to convince them that your services are best suited to solve their legal dilemmas.

This is why videos are so effective for increasing conversion rates when placed on landing pages and marketing emails.

Increase Brand Credibility and Trust

When looking for clients as a lawyer, not only do the potential leaders have to trust you, but also your legal knowledge. What's a better way of achieving these two other than videos?

Sharing a video puts a face to your law firm, enabling potential clients to interact with you on a personal level. Viewers feel like they know you personally, so they start to like you and eventually trust you with their legal problems and if you buy TikTok views, you’d be increasing your chances of wider audience reach!

More Brand Awareness

Do you know why videos go insanely viral than any other type of content? Because they do more than persuade a viewer to buy a product or subscribe to a service. Videos create emotional cues that make people laugh, cry, react, connect, validate their experiences, and so on.

This makes them an ideal option for increasing your online presence. If you create a video that offers value, potential clients will soon be liking and sharing it with friends and colleagues, creating more brand awareness.

Conclusion: Video Marketing has shown exceptional growth in recent years by recording 2 billion monthly viewers. Platforms like YouTube and Tik-Tok have become very popular among internet users. These platforms are not just providing more conversions, but adding value to users as well. SEO along with other strategies can be used to increase brand awareness.