Traveling to Rwanda? Why not Kenya and Uganda too?

Rwanda is also known as the land of a thousand hills, but it also has rich flora and fauna, which you will surely love once you get to see them. The landscapes are stunning, and the country’s natural beauty will definitely steal your heart. So, if you decide to spend your vacation in Rwanda, you are going to have an unforgettable experience.

Nevertheless, while Rwanda has plenty to offer, you can also visit the neighboring countries. We are referring to Kenya and Uganda. While you will be able to have a lot of fun in these countries too, the reason we bring it up concerns the convenience of it. How is that? Well, instead of applying for a Rwanda visa, you can obtain a Rwanda East Africa visa. It is basically a 3-in-1 visa.

What is the Rwanda East Africa visa?

The Rwanda East Africa visa is a type of visa that allows its holder to enter Rwanda, but Kenya and Uganda as well. So, instead of applying for three separate visas, you only need one. You have to admit that it is incredibly convenient when you wish to travel to all three countries during the same trip.

How to acquire a Rwanda East Africa visa?

We should tell you right from the start that the Rwanda East Africa visa is only valid if you enter Rwanda first. The East Africa visa must be first used to enter the country that issues it. Based on the same principle, if your visa is issued by Kenya, you must enter Kenya first.

Once you decide that you want to visit all three countries, you can move on and go through the online application process. You should know that all non-visa exempt nationalities are given the opportunity to apply online for a Rwanda East Africa visa. So no trip to the embassy is necessary.

The first thing you have to do before you fill in the online application form is to check if you have at hand everything necessary for the process. Lucky for you, the Rwanda East Africa visa is not a demanding document to obtain. First, you need a valid passport. The document has to maintain its status for at least another 6 months from the date of arrival and have one blank page. Another requirement is a digital photo of yourself that is taken recently and meets all the guidelines for a valid passport photo. You will need a valid e-mail address and a method of payment as well.

Once you notice that you meet all the requirements, you can proceed to fill in the application form. You must be very careful with the information you provide because mistakes can render your visa invalid, in which case you have to repeat the process. To avoid that, we recommend that you carefully review your form before you submit it.

Once your application is processed, your Rwanda East Africa visa will arrive via e-mail in PDF format. It is recommended that you print it out before departure, and more than one copy is advised. You never know when you may lose one.

The bottom line is that Rwanda, Kenya, and Uganda make a great team when it comes to tourism. You get to experience a little bit of everything. The wildlife, flora, and beautiful scenery are reasons enough to give it a try. Plus, you have to admit that the Rwanda East Africa visa makes things a lot more convenient when it comes to travel documents. After all, how many occasions do you have in which you can apply for a 3-in-1 visa?