Top Trends & Colors for autumn 2018 you should embrace

As we mourn the summer sun and reminisce on the good times we had – even as we say goodbye to swimsuits, we cannot forget to get excited for autumn!

Autumn presents the perfect opportunity to cozy up, try different layers and experiment with color. Drawing inspiration from catwalks, magazines, and tabloids, here are the new trends that you should try out this Autumn 2018.

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Autumn Color Trends to Wear

Break away from the loud, bright and sometimes garish colors of the summer and embrace the warmer natural colors that blend perfectly with the Autumnal environment.

The standout color of Autumn 2018 is brown. Although it is generally a regular feature, this year it’s virtually on all dominant fashion houses and features from headwear to shoes. This means that the first color you should pick out when shopping for teenage clothes at affordable prices should be brown and its variations, that is; beige, camel, coffee, rust, meerkat, caramel and tan.

Block it out

Be bold – this has been the fashion statement for 2018. This year, icons have made their mark with color blocking, and designers have incorporated bright primary color blends to their collections with the perfect casing point being the royal wedding. So, if you are looking to color blocking this Autumn 2018 don’t be afraid to combine it with unique neon, pretty pastel or other unusual combinations. Be bold and make your statement.

Go with metallic

Metallic silver has featured heavily on the runways this year making a break from “throwback” look that fashion houses like to highlight. Several designers have showcased a collection of silver suits which might look more eccentric but is cool enough to turn heads. However, for the high street, you may want to keep it a bit more subtle and low-key. Consider silver accessories or clothes with silver trim/detailing.

What to Wear in Autumn 2018

With the Autumn color trends in mind, which outfits are actually in fashion?

Animal Prints

Zebra and Leopard's prints are always chic and trendy. This Autumn, embrace your inner animal with a mix and match of animal prints on coats, dresses, boots, and hats.

Fierce Floral

Floral prints are also quite popular this Autumn with the standout being (from catwalks) the floral boots which are stunning. You can add a pair to your closet or consider floral dresses and tops which are great additions too.

Trendy Coats

Thanks to Autumn, we’re wearing coats again. This time, Blankets coasts are in fashion! They are cozy and look fantastic when done right. You can wear jackets with hats, berets, headscarves or even balaclavas.

Best of Shoes

Finally, what’s trending in the shoe section? Brown and animal prints are favorite on shoes this Autumn 2018. Chelsea boots are also an emerging trend, and they look gorgeous. Big thick wedges are still ruling the street wear fashion scene. Trainers are trending in the men’s footwear market and are making inroads in the ladies’ market as well.

As you go shopping for new clothes to keep you warm this Autumn and winter season, remember to get pieces that are stylish and express your personality.