Tips to increase your punching speed precision

No one is a born top fighter of the world, they all had to work hard for it. So the good news is that you can work hard too and be a better fighter. Here we are going to tell you how you can increase your punching speed, accuracy, and power. These three things are very important, either it is boxing, Muay Thai, MMA or just self-defense.

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If you cannot punch where the target is, then you are most likely to lose the game and make fun of yourself trying to protect yourself. But what a poor punch can do other than pissing the opponent off. The punch that can knock someone out is speedy which brings in the power and precisely hits at the bull’s eye. Get your punching gloves and mitts out and let's get started.

Precision and Speed Training

Precision in punching is connecting the punch with the target. If you punch straight chances are that you can miss the target because it's moving. But if you follow that target and successfully hit, most of the power is drawn out of the punch. So it is ineffective now. A precise punch would be the one that can hit a moving target without losing its effectiveness or power.

Water like movement

This means your body can move as you think. This helps you follow a path but change it to follow the target. By having free liquid-like movements, you can also form a solid defense. Another meaning of this is to keep your body loose and free rather than making the muscles tense and fist tightly clenched up to the shoulders.

One of the main focuses of boxing is footwork. Why because your punching speed and accuracy matters a lot on them. Keeping your legs tight and tense, they won't be able to move quickly and will be tired quickly. Sometimes you have to step forward, sometimes backward and sideways while hitting. To connect to the target, punch through it, and save yourself, at the same time. Hopping around on the balls of your feet and practicing footwork drills will help.

Speed and power

Speed is more important than the power of the punch. More speed means more impact plus you would be able to connect to the target before it moves, evades, or block the punch. In short, it ensures success and more impact. This is why in boxing the training is more focused on punching speed rather than its power. This tactic is very helpful against bigger and more defensive boxers. Having great speed means you can end the match of any fight in a few punches, maybe even one punch.


To increase your hitting accuracy you can also use tactics like feints. You might have seen many professional boxers and martial artists use this technique. This is where you throw a fake punch or act like you are punching. Just as your target moves you hit again but with another hand, which is your strong hand.

But this skill is not an easy one to master, also you should not be focusing on it too much. Doing it wrong can make it worse for you rather than giving any benefit. Once you have created a safe opening for yourself, go git hard with combination punches.

Straight strikes

To increase the speed, so it can hit before the opponent gets a chance, you should practice straight strikes more. Usually this is done with the heavy bag and training. The beginner step is to throw a punch where you aim. First you have to aim, then think and then move the hand to hit the target. If you think it is easy, then think again because the opponent will be moving.

Target punching

Hitting small moving targets is another thing one can do to improve their accuracy. This will teach you how to follow the target a little, sharpen the reflexes, and re-aim for moving targets. For instance, you can take about half or one foot of duct tape and place it at eye height in front of a window. Now hit the tape as it moves with the breeze. If there is no breeze, place a fan nearby to create one.

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Power Training

With speed and precision, power is also important to make the punch effective. Let's have look at how to add power to your punch

Rotate the upper body

Power in a punch comes from rotating the upper body. As you would punch, rotate the upper body with it. This will increase its power and speed both to increase the effectiveness and deliver more impact. Exercises like heavy medicine, ball swings, and simple heavy bag drills are helpful.

Punch through the target

The next step is to punch through the target. Think like your actual target is standing a few inches behind the one you are hitting. If you would just connect your hand with the target, it won't have an impact. Meaning it will be useless.

Keep the feet planted

Being light on the feet does not mean you won't have to plant the feet. While punching, both the feet should always be on the ground. This will help you rotate the body, maintain the balance, and create more torque, hence improve the power in your punch.

Bend the knees

Bending the knees a little allows the body to be more fluid and generate more power. But don't bend them too much. Squats are an exercise that will help you get accustomed to this. Or you can also try holding a chair -like position for as long as you can. Act like you are sitting on an imaginary chair. This and above mentioned are the reasons you need to strengthen your legs.

Don’t overextend

Some people overextend trying to punch through or following the target. This disturbs your balance and creates a window for the opponent to strike. You might get trapped and injure yourself. It also reduces the punching power losing its velocity.


Get a professional coach or join a professional class to get better at punching. For whatever reason, you are doing this talk to your trainer and follow what they have to say.