Three Careers for Sports Lovers

Just because you didn’t become a professional basketball player doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a rewarding and lucrative career in the sports industry. Sports lovers will be thrilled to learn about these careers that will allow them to continue to be involved in the game for years to come.

Sports Therapist

A sports therapist’s job is to help players prevent injury and assist with the care and rehabilitation of existing injuries so that players can return to their sport. Like a physical therapist, the main role of a sports therapist is to help them recover from injuries they sustain while on the job. Sports therapists, however, get to work with professional athletes, and may even need to travel for work depending on if they are contracted by a particular team or individual. This can be an exciting field to get into for people who enjoy helping others, and who are passionate about the health and well-being of athletes.

Golf Club Manager

If you’re a sports lover who also has a passion for business, then a career in golf course management might be perfect. Many golf clubs use golf club consulting services to plan, market and maintain their courses and clubhouses so that they can be successful. A professional in this field will visit golf clubs to determine their specific needs and come up with a strategic business plan to help them become successful. This doesn’t just mean the course itself, however. A golf club consulting firm will look at all aspects of the club, including its staff, its maintenance policies and the construction of the course itself. People with a passion for helping businesses succeed, as well as creative problem solving, would enjoy this sports-related career.


If you grew up playing tennis at your local court, you were probably taught by a tennis instructor. Becoming a sports instructor can help you pass on your love for the game, as well as inspire a new generation to love it as well. Whether you teach beginner’s tennis to children or to adults looking for a fun and exciting new exercise, this can be a rewarding career. You will need a lot of experience in the sport you’re looking to teach.

There are many careers for those who want to continue their love of sports into their professional careers. You don’t have to be a professional basketball player to continue your love for the game with these interesting career choices.