The Advancement of the Human Condition Requires Environmental Stewardship

The Innate Desire to Learn and Constantly Improve

Ever since the Industrial Revolution, humans have been wired to advance in machines, and today we are constantly making technological strides. From the steam engine and letterpress to airplanes and the internet, we keep pushing our limits higher and higher. It is natural for humans to want to continually improve upon our inventions and technologies with no end in sight. With the world at our fingertips with the invention of the internet, humans can learn to do anything and be anything. For instance, want to be a truck driver? You can start your career as an Automotive and Diesel Technician online today. Want to learn how to do your own plumbing at home? The internet has endless videos and DIY tutorials to do almost anything!

Consider the Environment

We are ambitious and eager to advance in knowledge and technology. However, doing more is not always better, especially when it comes to our environment. Greater medical technologies have meant people are living longer, childbirths are more successful, and the population is rising. Humans are now at a point where the bubble may pop. But being ambitious does not mean we can’t be responsible stewards of the earth so that we can sustainable continue to advance. One example to put things into perspective for you is our water supply, which has people speculating about a war on the water! However, individuals and companies alike are taking charge to reverse any negative effects of industrial and technological advancements.

Environmental Efforts Inspire

In today’s age, there is no excuse for poor environmental behavior. Almost every household has access to recycling municipalities; just as easily as anyone can learn to install a water filtration system for their tap water. Larger companies can now install industrial filtration equipment, so water from the car wash or laundromat is recycled. Never before has reduced, reuse, recycle been so important for the future of our planet. And likewise, never before have environmental efforts been so inspiring and widespread.

The Sacred Balance

No doubt, we will continue to advance both ends of the spectrum: technologically and environmentally. I mean, we can have our groceries delivered to our door with the click of a button and our kids are going to have self-driving cars. However, none of this comes without potential environmental consequences that we should always keep in the forefront of our actions. The things we can do are absolutely amazing. Earn a degree online or watch a tutorial about how to build your own car, to online shopping and robotic technology, humans have certainly advanced in ways no one could have predicted. Moving forward, let us keep in mind the 3-Rs we are all familiar with and ways we can sustain our planet, while also advancing the human condition. The balance is sacred, but not unattainable.