Jeans for Men: Five Must-Own Pairs This Winter

As the summer breeze turns into the colder winds, the lush greenery slowly turns colours, and the warm sunny atmosphere turns into chilly winter, it is time for you to replace your summer wardrobe staples with winter essentials. This change is quite necessary especially when it comes to your denims. Stow away those light washed blues and cut-off denims and bring in the darker shades and classic fits that showcase a timeless approach. Here are five jeans trends for the winter that will make you look fabulous and in trend, while keeping you warm and toasty.

The Black Skinny

Every denim lover considers black skinny jeans to be the ultimate classic in denim-wear. Not only is black the most versatile colour, but it instantly smartens your overall look, irrespective of what you combine it with. Match your pair of black skinny jeans with a contrasting pea coat, or retain the classic look with a leather jacket. Keep in mind that the jeans need to complement your shape without seeming ill fitting. Pick out a washed out shade or for the pitch black to provide a casual vibe to your ensemble.

Biker Jeans

A pair of biker jeans gives men a look of distinct tougher edge, but it isn’t for everyone. If you want to experiment with your denim and give yourself a stronger look, this pair of jeans is for you. Men like Justin Theroux and Russell Brand are huge fans and ambassadors of biker jeans. For those who love the vibe they exude, a pair of biker jeans from this moto-trend is a must. Black washed jeans for the colder season and the lighter blues for the summer are the best shades in biker jeans. Pick a pair from men’s jeans online section that comes with extra padding or quilting to keep you warm.

Slim-Fit Indigos

Denim fans make sure they always have a pair of raw denims for the winter time, which is a brilliant choice because of their perfect shade of indigo. The slim fit lets you break them in easily and provides more slimness to the legs, without overwhelming your frame. However, raw denims aren’t every man’s cup of tea, as the pair cannot be washed for at least 6 months. Instead, pick regular washed indigo jeans with a slim fit. This pair goes with shirts and T-shirts for men, and helps the body look proportionate, even with layering, during winter.

Jogg Jeans

With passing time, men have gotten accustomed to comfortable and stretchy jeans, while slowly drifting away from the stiffer options. For those who prefer sweatpants and jogging bottoms, a pair of Jogg jeans is the perfect hybrid for you. It is a perfect blend of denim with sweat pants, providing the desired comfort along with style. Dance in them or exercise in them; this pair of jeans lets you value comfort along with style.

Tapered Skinny

A pair of tapered skinny jeans comes with loose fitting thighs and skinny ankles. This is the perfect pair to match your winter boots with. Ideal for moving around without any restriction and comfortable, this pair works best as casual jeans, making you look sharper and slimmer.