How will gaming advance in the future?

There is no doubt that technology plays a huge role in today’s society. From how we stay connected with friends to how we work, it has changed the landscape in a positive way. One area that has seen immense change since it emerged is gaming. When you look at modern games such as Call of Duty and compare them to early big hits such as Doom, it is clear how much technology has moved on.

This should be no surprise as gaming is inherently linked to the progress of the technology that powers it. As tech advances continuously, so does the gaming sector that relies on it to operate. Gaming is standing at the crossroads of the next big technological leap, and many think that the coming years will see new ways of gaming emerge.

In what ways will gaming advance?

While there are many different avenues that gaming could go down, the below are some of the advances that most experts expect to see soon:

  • Virtual reality gaming –VR gaming is perhaps the hot topic in the industry right now. Although the idea behind it is not new and there have been attempts before, it is only now that the VR technology needed is powerful, accessible and affordable enough to work. VR gaming is the next big step that many gaming insiders are tipping to give a truly immersive experience when you play.
  • Augmented reality – this is set to be a major player in the coming years for gaming. Already, industry experts are predicting that it will be worth almost $300bn as a sector by 2023. Although broadly similar to VR, this actually takes reality and gives it a twist to make it quite unique. Pokémon GO is a great example of an AR product and how it differs from VR. Many people feel that AR will actually be the bigger of the two as it offers more scope for game development, creativity and player enjoyment.
  • Facial recognition – another advance that could be seen in the future in gaming is this one. Many think that games will be developed to play that will track and interpret your facial expressions in-game and then have the game react to them in real time. This would see a different experience each time you played, depending on your mood!
  • Open-source gaming –one trend in gaming has been the rise in popularity of open-source game development and play. This sees independent game creators release free or cheap-to-play games that they have built themselves. Many think that this will increase even more as people look to break away from big-name brands and developers in a bid to play more unique, bespoke titles.
  • Fitness-based gaming –a lot of work has been done on gaming’s image in recent years and fitness-based gaming is expected to explode in the future. As more people look for different ways to stay fit while having fun, this type of gaming experience could help you do both. Although there are already products out in this niche, such as the Floyd Mayweather boxing program, many think that this is one area that gaming will advance further into as it progresses.

Cloud gaming expected to progress

Technology has revolutionized gaming already by enabling online cloud-based gaming to take place. This has connected players all across the world, who can now enjoy their favorite title together without having to be physically in the same room. Many believe that this will go from strength to strength in the future and give even more ways for players to game together online.

Next-generation online casinos

If you have ever had fun at an online casino, then you will know how much technology has advanced this sector within gaming. Compared to having to visit a physical casino, technology has made it more convenient with a greater choice of games online to enjoy. Online casinos are expected to see great advancements in the future, with VR casinos being tipped to enjoy massive success. This would see the online casino benefits mixed with a real-life feeling for truly immersive gameplay.

Technology will help gaming to progress

There is no doubt that gaming will progress in one way or another in the future as the technology around it also progresses. For any gaming fans, this is only a positive thing as it allows for more ways to have fun and redefines what can be done in gaming. Whether it is VR, AR or anything in between, it promises to be a great time for gamers.