How Expensive is Krakow?

You could well say Krakow is Rome for those travelling on a budget. It also has amazing history, architecture, food and the general atmosphere. But it costs only a quarter of what Rome does.

So, how expensive is Krakow? Not much. It can be really cheap. A number of cost-effective options are there – for food, for drinks, for travel and for stay. If you want premium facilities, you can find them as well, but at a much lower rate than you probably expect.

How Cheap Is Krakow Really?

Most tourists look for the prices of the following four in any city: food, stay, travel and alcohol. They find these difficult to live without. Let’s start with food.


A good meal is available for around 4-5 Euros in Krakow. If you are looking for premium meal options at grander settings, you will probably have to spend in the range of 15 Euros – which is still cheaper than in other major European cities. If you are ready to settle for a basic kind of meal, it is available for just 2-3 Euros.

Breakfast will also cost around 2-3 Euros. But most hotels offer the free breakfast option along with accommodation. So that would be more convenient and cost effective. Local snacks, such as Pierogi and Zapiekanki, are available for around 1-2 Euros. Street food, like Obwarzanek, is even cheaper. You should definitely try it!

How cheap is Krakow really? It depends on the food you want to have. You can easily control the Krakow costs if you choose your food wisely and smartly.


The cheapest options are dormitories, which will cost around 10 Euros for a day (or rather night). Private rooms in hotels, guest houses and apartments are a better option and are available for around 20-25 Euros. Breakfast is usually included in this price. You can find classy luxurious hotel rooms for around 100 Euros per day.

How expensive is Krakow, in terms of accommodation? Much cheaper than London, Rome or Stockholm, but slightly more expensive than Kyiv or Tbilisi.


Krakow has train, bus and private transport options. Train may be the cheapest. But buses and trams would be more convenient. You can buy a whole day’s ticket for all public transport for just 3.6 Euros.

Most of the attractions, especially in the old town, are nearby each other. You can consider walking – zero costs. You can even rent a bicycle: it is cheaper than even public transport. You can also opt for taxis and other types of private transport, which on average costs 3-5 Euros for 3 km and 0.5-1 Euro for each kilometre after that.


How much is a beer in Krakow? How much is a pint in Krakow?

A beer costs 1.5-2 Euros. A shot of Vodka is available for just 1 Euro. You would not find such cheaper options in many European cities. So Krakow is really a party’ paradise. The city is also known for its excellent locally made wine and other brews as well.

And there you have it - a budget-friendly major European destination. Why worry about the costs elsewhere, when you can splurge in Krakow?

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