Getting Your Roof Ready for Winter

Is your roof winter-ready? You might be surprised to learn that it’s not. Especially if your roof is starting to approach the end of its life. If you failed to take proper care of your roof before the cold hits, you could be in for a nasty surprise.

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Luckily, there are a few tips that can help you prepare for the coming months. Make sure you contact a professional with any questions you might have winterizing your roof.

  • Make Sure All of Your Drains Are Completely Unclogged

When the cold arrives, if your drains and gutters still have fall leaves inside, you could be setting yourself up for failure. Clogged gutters and drains can easily freeze over in the winter, bursting pipes and causing leakage. Do a thorough inspection of your drains and gutters to ensure that they are free of any debris, and you can rest a little easier this winter.

  • Repair Any Existing Roof Deficit

This one should be a little obvious, but many people ignore small problems until it’s too late. If you have any current leaks or damages to your roof, fix them immediately. If you go into the winter with a small problem, you’re asking for a larger problem to develop. A little love and care now can save you a huge headache one cold winter night.

  • Consider Using a Roof Coating

Especially if you have an older roof, coating your roof in a quality membrane can extend the life of your roof. Sometimes coating can even help a metal roof. A proper winter coating can protect from leaks and ensure your roof is more sound overall. However, not all roofs can have a new coating applied to them, so be sure to consult a professional. Misapplying a coating or using the wrong type can cause more problems than it solves, so speak to a professional such as Roofing Thousand Oaks before going this route.

  • Have a Plan for Snow

If you live in a northern climate you may already have a roof made to withstand a heavy snow volume. However, consider that refrozen snow can add up to 60 lbs of weight on a roof per cubic foot - that means that an old or ill-prepared roof could buckle under a few good snowstorms.

During the winter, have a plan for heavy snow-days. Even if you live in a climate that is unlikely to get many snow-storms it doesn't hurt to be prepared. Have a go-to snow remover, and make sure they’re professionals. You don’t want someone inexperienced falling off your roof the next time you need snow shoveled off of it.

Winter doesn’t have to be a scary time for homeowners. In fact, a well-winterized roof can provide peace of mind. If you’re prepared, practical, and punctual with your preparations, you will decrease your risk of having an incident with your roof this winter. Follow these simple tips and make sure you contact a professional such as Roofing Elgin in order to ensure your roof stays in top shape for the coming season. And, if you need to dispose of roofing waste, make sure to rent a dumpster from a reputable company such as Dumpster Rental Cincinnati before you begin your project.


In conclusion, preparing your roof for winter is a smart, cost saving strategy. Follow the simple steps above and you are almost guaranteed a safe, warm winter season.