For Small Businesses, Outsourcing IT Makes Sense

In business, few things can be as frustrating as IT. Even tech companies can struggle with IT issues! With so much reliant on your computer systems, a lot can go wrong when your company has an IT crisis. The computer systems that your company relies on need to be reliable, secure, easy to use, and effective for your purposes. So you’ll need a great IT team in your corner. There’s just one problem: IT isn’t what you do!

That’s why you should outsource your IT needs to the pros. Outsourcing IT frees your company to focus on what it does best, and makes financial sense for small companies that don’t need extra employees on the payroll.

It pays to outsource

Outsourcing makes financial sense for small companies, because it simplifies payroll and allows small businesses to avoid the other costs that come with hiring employees. Paying a set rate for IT services can help companies avoid the costs of benefits, hiring and firing, and more.

It also makes the IT situation more stable. An IT firm does nothing but IT, so they’ll have a reliable team on hand. Economies of scale mean they’ll be more affordable than an in-house team, and an experienced IT company may have less turnover than a fledgling in-house IT department, meaning the same experienced crew will be focused on your IT needs for months or years at a time.

Outsourced solutions are also more flexible. Perhaps you’ll need to add a mobility solution for IT on the go - if you pick a good IT company, you can add that down the line without having to change your whole team over.

Simply put, outsourcing IT saves money, gives you a better solution, and allows your company to focus on whatever it does besides IT!

Even tech companies use outsourced IT

Want proof that outsourcing IT makes sense? How about this: some tech companies do it!

IT is a specific skill. And while tech employees certainly know their way around computers, they don’t always have what it takes to manage IT - and, besides, they’re trying to build a career in some other department! Just because a computer engineer knows Java profilers backward and forwards doesn’t mean that he or she can set up an effective and secure network, or that he or she would even have time to do so. So it’s not uncommon to see small tech startups rely on outsourced IT, just as they’d rely on outsourced payroll or janitorial services. They outsource work on Java profilers because they understand the truth: that for small businesses, outsourcing IT is an excellent cost-effective solution.