Display Jewelry With The Right Display Stand

In the age where people have access to a vast range of jewelry, both online and offline, the value of displaying your products the right way can never be overstated. That’s why you need correct jewelry display stands to showcase your products.

Today, buyers have access to all sought of information at the palm of their hands. Unlike a while back where they had to rely on television, radio, or word-of-mouth to gain knowledge, they can now turn online and check out reviews and customer testimonials, as well as compare prices at the shelf. This is a good thing for entrepreneurs and consumers alike. However, it has also made it hard for business people to get their solutions in front of the “easily distracted” shopper. One needs to be strategic in their approach to stand out among his or her peers.

If you are looking for ways to increase your jewelry sales, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will tell you why using the correct jewelry display stands can be the strategy you’ve been looking for all along. But first, let’s understand your prospects.

As mentioned earlier, today’s shoppers are informed and educated. They spend lots of time and money on different platforms to learn as much as they can about a product before buying into it. They check out the websites, social media pages, and even window shop in physical stores to weigh options. That is why they can spot any inconsistency from a distance. Unfortunately, when they do, they will quickly bounce off to the next best option. That’s why you need to have full control over your shelf space.

Here is how using the correct jewelry display stand helps you increase sales:

Triggers buying behavior

You are in business to make a profit. Displaying your products correctly enables you to achieve this. Here is how. Correct display triggers buying behavior while a prospect is in your store. Thanks to planogram, among other visual merchandizing elements, consumers are attracted to specific products and instantly get the mentality of “I got to have this.” While this strategy isn’t magic, it can spark an urge to purchase in the right situation.

Boosts store traffic

The right display is an effective tool for drawing people into your store. Picture this, a prospect walks past the store, and the beautiful jewelry display captures their attention. So they decide to check it out, and sometimes, even purchase it. Irrespective of your store’s location, a compelling presentation of jewelry on the right stand can help capture the attention of passersby and bring prospects inside.

Brand image

As they put is, the devil lies in the details. If you are looking to stand out among your peers, you need to pay attention to the tiniest of the details. Everything you do in your store should portray your brand image to your prospects. The type of display you use, the lighting, the feelings you give your clients, and so on help you convey the image of your store. If you are only getting started with jewelry business, you need to clearly show the image that you are going for before doing anything else.

Works well with lighting

Another great reason to use a proper jewelry display stand is that they integrate well with lighting. And as you may know, lighting is an essential aspect of visual merchandizing. The right stand allows you to balance out the lights and shadows effortlessly. This way, you get to showcase all jewelry details, without creating a different appearance that will make you lose sales.

It’s the right way to display

Using a correct jewelry display stand is the best way to display jewelry. You cannot store your pieces inside their boxes and expect people to know what you have in store for them. Again, correct stands will protect your jewelry from dust, and help them to maintain that sparkle in between cleanings. If you leave your pieces out in the open, they will catch dirt and appear dull, so no one will be interested in buying them.

Prevents theft

One of the main problems that retail stores face today is theft, including employee theft. A bad employee can run your store out of business fast. By designing your space, training employees, using the right display stands and lights, you get to deter thieves from stealing in the first place. Besides, it is easier to notice missing jewelry on a display stand than in the boxes.


When you work toward understanding consumer behavior and their shopping habits, you get to make better decisions on what’s affecting sales. Something as easy as changing the way you display your jewelry, for instance, can help you advertise your promotions, attract prospects, brand your image, and, eventually, boost your sales.