Alternative Ways to Fund a Startup

The majority of people associate funding a startup with taking out a bank loan, but this is by no means the only option, and many businesses are now using alternatives to finance their operations. Many of these methods are actually more effective than taking out a rigid bank loan, and offer entrepreneurs the flexibility they need to grow their business. Here are some of the options.

Angel Investment

Seeking out a wealthy individual who may invest in your business is known as seeking angel investment, and it comes with a number of advantages. The investors are usually successful businesspeople themselves, so securing their funding also means securing their wealth of industry knowledge and business experience, which could prove to be a truly invaluable asset to your business.

You also do not need to provide security against the investment, as the angel will decide whether to invest based on your pitch and business plan. They will, however, receive a stake in your company in return for their investment, and only invest if your plan and future business prospects are sound.


This option is certainly not for the faint of heart, as it involves running your business without any external funding/loans. Bootstrapping means using the sta4rtup’s profits and cash flow to fund operations and stay afloat, which can be risky yet incredibly rewarding if successful.

To maximise chances of success, you should cut out all inefficiencies within the business, and instead focus on its ability to generate a profit. If you want to bootstrap your business to success, it will need to generate cash quickly and reliably, whilst having the minimum outgoing costs possible.


Whether you have made money through investing in global markets or from a regular job, using your savings to fund a startup is another popular option, This is mainly because, like bootstrapping, there is no onerous loan repayment to worry about and you are free to take the business in whichever direction you like.

Of course, using your own money may also seem like a risky funding option, since your personal finances will take a hit if the business struggles or folds. That being said, it is the option which will prove most profitable if successful.

These are just some of the many ways you can fund a startup, and different methods are suited to different budgets and business types. Be sure to do plenty of research before you choose one, and make sure you have an effective business plan so that you use your funding as wisely as possible.