7 Tips to Choose the Right Suit in 2018

You just landed your first real job that requires you to wear something other than an ill fitting uniform supplied by the corporation. You want to make a great impression and you’ll

1. Color matters

The color of your suit matters a lot if you’re intending to impress the boss in 2018. Basic black suits are out of style. And while the nineties style is making a comeback, stick with blue or grey suits to really stand out this year. Navy blue suits are still the staple of the working businessman and whether it’s a two button or three button blazer, the style is in the collar as well. Don’t get stuck with the regular suit collar. If you’re feeling adventurous and want to show your explorative side, consider a mandarin collar suit to stretch your boundaries. With many online stores now you can more styles and colours of men’s suits than ever, from stores like Dobell.

2. The best shirt

Shirts are the next key ingredient to making a suit stand out for 2018. Investing in the best shirts makes your life easier. Well made shirts like the Eton Shirt will give you long lasting comfort and that high end style to accent your perfect suit. To learn more about Eton Shirts, use this link. Eton shirts are world renown as the finest business shirts in the world. The offer the best craftsmanship and have been making shirts since 1928. They have different fits for different occasions and have expanded their offering to include bold colors to match today’s men’s tastes.

3. The Ties have it

To wear a tie or not to wear a tie. That is the question. If you’re considering looking your best at a business meeting, wearing a tie is essential to give you that polished looked. Luckily, ties come in many shapes and sizes and you can choose what fits your style and personality best. There is a caution, however, about wearing ties with sayings or rude comments on them. It’s frowned upon in most work settings in 2018. Even sports logo ties are on the edge unless it happens to be business casual friday. The joy of wearing a tie can also be enhanced if you learn how to tie different knots. You can create a subtle or bold statement by how you tie the knot. You can learn about the different knots here.

4. Don’t slack on the slacks

The slacks you wear with your suit are very important. Some suits you buy come with the slacks included, but you can create your own style by choosing the slack that best fits your. In 2018 its about looser fitting slacks. 2017 was all about the slim fit skinny look, however the trend is moving more toward well fitted but looser look. Many men just couldn’t pull off the skinny fitting slack and it brought a lot of frustrating to the business world. Luckily, the fickle fashion industry is changing to a more reasonable well fitted slack. This doesn’t mean your slacks you hang off you or be wrinkled and unkempt. However, you can find slacks that fall off your waist in a tailored manner that give you a look of sophistication and contemporary business style. Your slacks color can also compliment your suit jacket. It doesn’t necessarily have to match the color, it can be slightly off or totally different. Perhaps a grey pair of slacks to go with your dark blue suit jacket.

5. Shoes aren’t just for walking

Shoes are an important part of any business style. It’s disconcerting to see a man walk into a meeting with a perfect suit and wearing converse shoes. There are many different kind of shoes and choosing the right one for your style is essential. According to the Art of Manliness the dressiest shoe is the wholecut or Cap-toe Oxford, then comes the Derby shoe in different styles. Finally for summer and fully casual wear they recommend the Suede Buck. The basic colors of dark brown, tan, and black shoes, whatever the style, are just fine to pair with any business suit. But if you have a black suit, don’t wear tan shoes. If you have a lighter colored shirt with a dark suit, you can usually wear dark brown shoes.

6. Make it fit

As we said earlier, the skinny look is on its way out in the business world. But a well fitting suit is vital to have the best suit for 2018. If you can afford it, find a tailor to make sure your outfit fits well. Walking into a business meeting with your boss and looking unkempt or sloppy because your suit is hanging off your shoulders isn’t the best impression to give if you’re looking for a raise or promotion. Spend the extra cash to get your suit, from your shirt to slacks to your jacket, fitted perfectly for your body type. It doesn’t matter if you have a larger frame or a slim frame, you want your suit to fit you well. It will go a long way toward making you look ready to meet the new year and new goals of your corporation.

7. Accessorize

The final tip that is almost always forgotten is the accessories to your suit. Having a well made watch on your wrist and cuff links finish off the perfect suit. And depending on the occasion, you may want to consider adding a ring to your finger. If you’re not married, this could be put on your right hand and gives the impression of attention to detail. The other accessories you might consider are tie clips and pocket squares for you jacket. These small touches really make a big impression with the higher ups and even your potential date. It shows you care about how you look.

Men’s fashion is changing in 2018 and these tips with help you keep up with the new trends and give you a jump on being the best dressed in the office this year.