5 Types Diamond Wedding Ring You Should Shop For

Diamonds are forever and so are the special occasions! Wedding is one such occasion that is special. Buying a diamond wedding ring makes the occasion memorable. Diamond wedding rings are available in many different styles and patterns. These rings can vary significantly in terms of lavishness and diamond rings price. If you're not sure of what style your beloved one would like, here are the most loved styles that are sure to wow your partner.

Trinity Ring:

This style of ring has a set of three diamonds, with a single larger diamond in the middle balanced by two slightly smaller diamonds placed next to it. The three stones are a symbol of your past, your present, and your future that's will be filled with happiness & joy.

When buying a three-stone diamond wedding ring, you'll need to consider the cut of the center diamond, as it will influence the overall look and feel of the entire ring. With a stylish design and symbolic meaning, this style remains an evergreen design-choice.

Solitaire Ring:

Solitaire rings are simply beautiful. The diamond wedding rings are an ideal symbol of loyalty & commitment. This diamond ring style features a single diamond in the setting, usually held by a four prong setting.

With a solitaire ring, you have to decide on the kind of stone you want in addition to picking the setting and style of the ring, because the diamond itself is the show stopper.

A solitaire ring is just right for a girl who values classic style but still wants to make a bold statement. So, this style continues to be the most admired choice for wedding rings around the world.

Halo Ring:

Halo rings are the ones that are breathtaking. This spectacular ring style has smaller diamonds surrounding the center stone. The style makes the center stone look more brilliant and it brings everyone’s attention to the center stone.

A well-cut or high-carat center diamond looks enormous in a halo setting. Halo rings are one of the most favored styles of diamond wedding rings, second only to the classic solitaires.

A Modern Classic:

If a plain solitaire ring is not your choice, try a ring with a center stone and side stones. This ring style has smaller diamonds on the band.

When buying a modern classic diamond wedding ring, you'll need to consider a setting that will hold both the smaller diamonds and the center stone elegantly. A prong setting for the center diamond and pave setting or micro pave setting for the side stones is a good choice for a beautiful ring.

Love Knot Ring:

This type of diamond wedding ring symbolizes timeless love and commitment. This eternal ring design features slim curves of precious metal that loop to form a graceful knot. In this ring style, the core mounted diamond is said to be introduced with love and positive energy.

The most significant value factor to consider when purchasing knot wedding rings is the quality of the center stone, since it influences the entire look of the ring when worn on the finger.

You can find many jewellery sets online now. They are available in couple band sets, so that you don’t have to match your ring with your partner. The couple bands are designed in a way that they go well with each other just like you and your partner does. The best part is that these rings will remain a stylish accessory for years to come.