5 Tips To Control The Odours In Your Commercial Fridge

When most people open the door of their commercial fridge to grab something to cook with, it is often a task that isn’t given a second thought. The most that someone may think about their fridge is questioning where an object might be if the fridge is a bit overcrowded. That is, unless you are dealing with odours from the fridge.

Opening a commercial fridge only to catch a massive whiff of something that doesn’t smell right is not an experience that anyone wants to deal with. There are a couple different reasons why your fridge might have a stench to it, and solving the issue starts with determining where that problem lies. Here are a few tips to figure out the source of the stink so that you can get back to using your fridge as you otherwise would.

1. Clean it All Out

Whether you have just purchased a commercial fridge for sale or you have owned this fridge for a while, the first thing that you should try to do is clean out the entirety of the fridge. This will help you determine whether the stench is coming from something that happened to rot inside the fridge, or whether you may need to consider repairs. Depending on just how much is stored within the fridge, you will want to make sure that you have enough storage space for everything, and that if it is going to be a while before the fridge is clean, then you should have a space prepared for the contents that need to be kept cool. All of the shelves and bins should also be taken out of the fridge as well so that they can be cleaned separately. From there, you can make a standard household cleaner from one teaspoon of baking soda and one cup of white vinegar. This mixture can be sprayed on the inside of the fridge and then wiped away.

2. Remove the Lingering Odour

Once you have thoroughly cleaned the interior of your fridge, you will then want to do what you can to absorb any remaining odour. Typically, charcoal briquettes will absorb any remnants of the odour that are clinging to the rest of your fridge. You should leave these briquettes inside the fridge for approximately one week if you want to remove as much of the odour as possible. Within that week, you should replace the briquettes at least once so that they remain fresh and are able to absorb as much of the odour as possible. If you also want to add some other odour removal products, the ones that are designed for removing pet odours can prove effective at getting the job done.

3. Checking the Interior

If a week has passed and you still find that there is a fair amount of odour still coming from the fridge after it has been cleaned thoroughly and de-odourised, it may be time to consider the possibility that an internal component is causing the odour. While this might mean that you have to consider the idea of contacting someone to help with the commercial refrigeration repair, this will be the next step you should take to make sure that you have a place to store all of the produce and food products that need to be kept cold. To determine if it is the internal mechanisms of the fridge that are causing the odour, you will want to unplug the unit and check the internal coil. You can remove the cover for the coil and, if you suspect that there is mould growing, you can carefully clean it with soap and water. Do not get the water near the electronic portions of the coil. A UV sterilising kit may also be used to aid in the cleaning process.

4. Consider a Professional Inspection

If you are not comfortable trying to clean the internal coil yourself, or you suspect that the problem with the fridge may lie elsewhere, you will want to consider getting in touch with someone who offers commercial fridge repair services. These experts will know where to look and what parts to check to determine where the odour is coming from. Usually, once a problem is found, the experts will then point you in the right direction for repairs, replacements, or other solutions they recommend based on the problems that they find.

5. Consider Bleach

If you believe that the smell is coming from inside the fridge, where you cleaned earlier, but you believe that the cleaning solution used before was too weak to remove the odour-causing bacteria, then it may be time for a stronger solution. You can consider using a 5% bleach solution to completely disinfect the interior (and only the interior) of the fridge. The bleach should not be left in the fridge for any longer than necessary, as it can begin to wear away at the internal coating and leave metal spots behind.

An odorous fridge is a fridge with a problem. You should always try to clean out the inside of the fridge, first with a homemade solution and then with 5% bleach to make sure there is nothing causing the odour. If that doesn’t work, a professional may be able to identify a problematic part inside the fridge that needs repair or replacement.

Conclusion: Keep these handy tips in mind to ensure your commercial fridge is always smelling fresh. Note that essential maintenance work has to be carried out in order to control the odour. For your commercial fridge maintenance needs, speaking to a local expert is best if the odour persists.