Business Interruption Claim during Covid 19 | Adam S. Kutner, Injuries Attorney

Most business owners know that they need some kind of business insurance. Some spend a great deal of time thinking about what policy to purchase. They carefully read through the options, perform calculations, and make their final selections. They may review their choices every time they renew their policy. Other business owners choose a policy quickly and don't think about it again.

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Whatever camp you fall into, you're probably thinking about your business interruption insurance now. In light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, business interruption insurance is taking the spotlight. It's a type of coverage that can pay compensation if you are unable to conduct business as usual for a period of time. Of course, during the pandemic, most businesses have suffered some disruption or operational changes. Interruption insurance is a part of an insurance policy that may cover damages related to the disruption. It may also provide income that owners need to pay their personal expenses.

Business Interruption Insurance Claims

A business interruption insurance claim is the process of making a claim for payment on the insurance policy. When an owner has a loss, they have to notify the insurance company. They have to justify the amount of compensation they're demanding based on the policy's terms. The insurance company will then investigate. If the policy covers the circumstances and the amount of loss, the insurance company makes a payment.

All business interruption insurance claims need to be done right. Having the loss itself is the foundation of the claim, of course. However, filing the claim correctly and with the right evidence is required to get complete payment. Given the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, most owners are navigating the claims process for the first time. Even though they may be inexperienced when it comes to business interruption claims, it's critical to get it right the first time. All business owners have the right to the assistance of a business interruption attorney as they pursue their case.

Here are five things you should know before filing a business interruption insurance claim:

1. Notify Your Insurer Immediately

Most insurance claims need to be filed shortly after the loss occurs. If you have a business interruption claim, now is the time to notify the insurance company. Putting them on notice is the first step to receiving compensation. Even if you don't have all of the information yet, you can notify the insurance company that you have a claim. Notifying the insurance company preserves your rights and sets the foundation for the rest of the claims process.

2. Review Your Policy

Each insurance policy is a contract. In order to know what your rights and obligations are, you have to look at the contract itself. The policy that applies in your case likely differs from the policy that the business next door or down the street has in their case. Reviewing your policy helps you understand what you need to demonstrate to receive payment. It enables you to know how to receive the most compensation possible.

The many different types of policies go into varying levels of detail about what's covered and what's excluded. There may be aspecific language that covers situations where a property is physically unsafe. It may not be clear whether the language of the policy covers a pandemic outbreak or not. Remember, even if the insurance policy doesn't use the word pandemic, you may be covered. Reviewing the policy and interpreting it appropriately is necessary to know what evidence to submit to support your claim.

3. Practice Careful Record Keeping

Keeping careful records is an essential part of the process and there are plenty of mistakes along the way. Keep copies of all records that you submit to the insurance company. Make a log of when you have any communication with the insurance company, whether you're providing information or hearing back from the insurance company. To succeed, you need to provide records that verify your losses and justify the amount that you want to receive in payment. You also need to dutifully keep records of all communications that occur in the claims process.

4. Contact a Business Interruption Attorney

For most business owners, there are many unknowns when filing a claim for the first time. However, you can have your business interruption lawyers assist you with the entire process. There are many ways that an attorney assists you in the claims process. They can help you evaluate your insurance policy to see if you have a strong case and what the case is worth.

Laws and standards are changing quickly throughout the United States. Your attorney keeps appraised of these changes in order to chart the best possible course. They understand the potential impact of legislation and court proceedings, and they can help you apply their knowledge to your case in the best possible way. The sooner a business interruption attorney gets involved in your case, the sooner they can provide informed guidance and work for you. Ultimately, they make sure that you avoid errors and take the necessary steps to resolve your case quickly.

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5. File Your Insurance Claim

Filing an insurance claim is a process. In order to receive payment, you must file a claim. It doesn't matter how great your claim is if you don't take the right steps to file it. If the insurance company doesn't agree to pay you fairly, you have the right to file a business interruption lawsuit. Remember, if you don't feel that the insurance company treats you fairly, you have rights. The most crucial step in the process is filing the insurance claim.


If you're suffered a business interruption because of Coronavirus or any other reason, you have the right to the help of a business interruption lawyer. An attorney provides complete service by assisting you with every step you need to take to be successful. Ultimately, an interruption claim can provide welcome relief when you're unable to conduct your business. With the help of a business interruption attorney, you can navigate the claims process to receive the compensation that you deserve.